Written By | Series: Cardcaptor Sakura

None of the characters are mine, but the situation is.
I wish Clamp would animate this one for me.


Sakura flopped onto her back across the bed, clutching the Key around her
neck. Why was this so hard, she wondered again? Tomoyo had told her that
she loved her, had been as sincere and honest as a girl could be, and yet….
Rolling onto her side Sakura pulled the pillow over her head, hiding from
the unknown. In her head music played, over and over. Sakura tried to
listen; tried to draw meaning from the words, but it was a confusion of
sound that had no logic. She sighed, flipped the pillow off and sat up.
Across the room Kero-chan watched an old movie on the TV, occasionally
calling her attention to something he had forgotten since the last time he
had watched this movie. Sakura smiled, stretched, and moved towards the

“I’m taking a walk,” she announced, not waiting for an answer, and was gone
before Kero-chan noticed.

She padded softly though the house, knowing she was alone but for the Seal
Beast, but enjoying the stillness. Outside the night air was pleasantly
cool, the sort of air that made you breathe deeply because the temperature
was so comfortable. Smiling to herself Sakura buckled on her roller blades
and headed for the park.

As she glided along the internal music resumed. It had been gone for just a
moment, but now that it was back Sakura realized why she had missed it, and
she smiled. Picking up her pace she hurried to the King Penguin, hoping she
would be alone for what she wanted to do. Luck was with her as she slowed
to a stop just outside of the halo of streetlights. Her hand was in the
place she had become accustomed to finding it in…nearly clutching for the
Key around her neck. She reached into her shirt and with one fluid motion
brought the Key into the night air.

“Release!” She yelled, feeling the warm evening air swirl around her. With
another equally as practiced motion a Clow Card was in her hand and then
spinning before her face. With unhidden joy she brought the Key wand down
on the Song Card, and commanded the Card to sing Tomoyo’s song for her.
Light and sound surged around her and at the first tentative strains of the
song Sakura felt herself relax. Here was Tomoyo, singing for her. Singing
for her, to please her, and no one else. Sakura leaned back against a tree
and let the sound carry her away. She saw in her mind’s eye the small group
of friends on the rooftop that night, the Clow Card glowing before Tomoyo,
and the two of them singing the sweet duet. Almost it seemed she could hear
the counter-part in the song, softly, very softly.

Closing her eyes she painted for herself an image of silky charcoal grey
hair, soft grey eyes, and delicate, graceful hands clasped at her breast.
Tomoyo’s hands suddenly arrested Sakura’s attention. Why hadn’t she noticed
them before? The recognition of that touch made her sit down heavily, as the
song continued around her. The smallest whimper escaped her lips. She
suddenly felt a warm wave of the softest caresses wash over and in her. Her
heart swelled in her chest as she breathed deeply, remembering. How many
times had Tomoyo’s hand slipped easily into her own? Had always been there
when her own fears had caused her to unconsciously groped for something to
hold onto? There suddenly seemed to be no place Tomoyo hadn’t touched. She
was an invisible lifeline in a chaotic world that Sakura could share with no
one. Almost she could feel those hands on her, gentle and warm.

The final notes of Tomoyo’s song faded away like a splash of cold water on
her face causing Sakura to scramble upright, grasping for the Key, desperate
for the song to continue. As if in response to her mad rush the Song Card
began again, and Sakura sat back again with a sigh. “Keep singing please,
I’ll tell you when I want you to stop,” she whispered dreamily.

Lying back again, in a sleepy haze, she saw Tomoyo before her, wearing a
long dress Sakura had never seen before. The pure whiteness of it made it
glow in the soft light thrown off by Song, surrounding Tomoyo in a halo.
A perfect angel, Sakura thought, smiling. Tomoyo’s hair was swept up
onto the top of her head in a mass of curls, white ribbons, and cherry
blossom flowers. Tomoyo’s hands came together at her chest and her eyes
closed as she joined her voice to that of Song, singing the fairy duet once
again. Entranced Sakura found herself watching the apparition’s mouth. The
lips, as pink as the cherry blossoms in her hair, looked moist and soft,
with a promise of heavenly sweetness about them that Sakura wanted to taste. She
longed to touch the Tomoyo before her but feared breaking the spell. Her
lungs suddenly ached in her chest from a lack of air and she drew in a deep
breath. Sakura realized her whole being was wound tight, almost to the
point of panting.
The spectral Tomoyo glided closer as the song reaching its simple climax
and slowly, she bent over the straining Sakura. The scent
of Tomoyo embraced Sakura and she sucked in breath, her eyes growing wide in
surprise. Lowering herself to her knees Tomoyo leaned in to Sakura, who,
unnerved, locked her eyes on the petal-like lips before her. For a fleeting
moment she was afraid she would speak, but desire won her over and closing
her eyes Sakura lifted her face towards the angel who knelt over her.

Tomoyo’s soft breath caressed Sakura’s face with the final words to the
song, their lips less than an inch apart, and then, as soft as snowflakes,
Tomoyo’s mouth came down on Sakura’s. For an eternity Sakura fought an urge
to stiffen, but the warmth of the angel pressed against her turned her
muscles to jelly and her whole body relaxed. Encouraged, Tomoyo gently
applied more pressure, and Sakura gave herself over to the sensation, her
whole body ringing like the clearest chime. Her arms, moving on their own,
came up and wound around the tiny waist, encountering white silk and even
softer escaped curls. Sakura pulled her friend in closer, longing to drown
in the feelings she was experiencing. And the Song Card sang on.