Welcome to the new “Worldshaking” Fanfic!

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Ta-daaa~~ “Worldshaking” Fanfic is back, better than ever!

With many thanks to Lissa Patillo, we have a brand new format that is 10000x easier to manage, to update and to play around with. (If you need website work, I recommend her with all my recommends.)

So, while I have very few fanfics left in me, I still have a pile of stories crawling out my ears. I’m keeping the original site name, because the graphic up top is so much fun and why not? ^_^ In any case, this is where my stories will go for years to come.

To celebrate our new format, I have a new original story for you. School Night is mean to be part of a tribute series to late-90’s porn manga magazine MIST.  It’s not quite as melodramatic as I had hoped. It will live on the new Original Fiction page. ^_^ Enjoy!