Enchante’ : Prologue

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Notes and Disclaimers: This is a fanfic using the characters from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon entirely without permission of the principal parties and with very very immoral intent. Plausible? Not really. Fun? You betcha! What is to follow is inappropriate for minors and those of certain ideologies. Don’t make me come over there and hurt you if this isn’t for you….just don’t read it.

The characters are the sole property of Takeuchi Naoko, Kodansha and Bandai. The situations are mine, and I clearly have too much free time on my hands.

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Enchante’ : Prologue

Women find me irresistible. I realize it sounds arrogant, but it is the truth. I have known this since I was thirteen (not that many years ago, true, but long enough, now) when I entered my middle school for the first time in a boy’s uniform. I made no new enemies that day, and many new admirers. From that day onward the girls followed me, asking to sit with me, share my notes, and all the little sillinesses that girls do. The boys knew me well enough, knew I could back my appearance with a competence few of them had, and they accepted me, reluctantly. A few boys, braver than most, or perhaps gay and scared, tried to proposition me.

I knew it when my history teacher’s assistant, Yuri-sempai, found any reason she could to touch me. A hand on a shoulder or on my own hand, even a ruffle of my short hair. Each touch, each caress, left behind the scent of the flower she was named for, in my nose and on my skin. I was young, yes, but so was she, barely out of school, in her first job. I have always been tall, even for a man, and by fourteen I already had reached nearly my full height. Yuri-sempai looked younger than her years, petite, with long dark hair and large, dark eyes. And those eyes spoke volumes. In her arms I learned about women’s bodies, what they are capable of, and in between her legs I learned about desire. I learned those lessons well.

The girls did not stop flirting with me. In fact, they tried harder. It wasn’t hard to win me over, gain a little of my attention. The flip of hair, the twirl of a skirt – by fourteen, girls know the power of these things.

Don’t get me wrong – I have no illusions as to why they came to me. In me they saw the strength and firmness of a man, but they all knew that underneath was a woman, as soft and vulnerable as they. They came to me, but it wasn’t always my name they cried out in orgasm. Sometimes it was their boyfriends’, sometimes another boy’s or girl’s. I was the embodiment of everything they wanted, tempered by the familiarity of everything they knew.

And then I met Michiru. She brought me to a crashing halt – the same way I had seen others react to me. This isn’t the place to recount all that we went through, but I will say that when Michiru and I first made love, I immediately forgot that I had ever loved anyone else. She was everything to me.

But still the girls followed me, wanting attention and love. By then my heart belonged to Michiru completely and it became a game, me flirting with the girls, she with the boys. We were the heartbreakers of Mugen Gakuen.

She teased me about it, of course. She teased me incessantly, about the boys who challenged me over their girlfriend’s honor and the girls who followed me home. When we met Minako and Usagi at the Crown, she teased me about them, too. I was used to it and teased right back.

Some time later, we sat at a tea shop – not the Crown Fruit parlor, we had taken a ride down the coast. A small, intimate place ,and we were the sole customers. The proprietor had retired to the back and we were alone. Her eyes twinkled as she put down her cup and a smirk just touched the corners of her lips. We were talking about Usagi and her friends and Michiru began to giggle.

“So?” she asked, amused. “Which one will be first?”

“What?” I was scandalized, if she was being serious. “What do you mean?”

“You know perfectly well what I mean. Those girls, well at least two of them, have fallen hard for you, Haruka, and you know it.”

I stared into my cup and drank silently. I knew it, but it was irrelevant.

Michiru, I swear, could read my thoughts. “It’s not irrelevant. They’re sweet girls and they like you – alot.”

I said nothing. What could I say?

“I think it will be Minako-chan.” Michiru commented lightly, her eyes mischievous. That brought me up short.

“Minako? I would think it would be Makoto….” I tapered off as I saw the triumph in her face.

“Makoto is too shy and sweet, but Minako…take my word, there is steel in that girl.” Michiru laughed as my face fell, defeated.

I had one card up my sleeve and I played it. “And how long before Ami comes to you?” The look on her face was precious, and I savored it for a moment.

She pulled a strand of hair back behind her ears – clearly meant to distract me, and it worked. I watched her long fingers and caught the look in her eye and smiled. It really was irrelevant, I thought, but now I wondered….