Enchante’: Vignette Deux (Purification)

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Enchante’: Vignette Deux (Purification)

I cursed the unnatural heat as I felt another sweat drop trickle down my back. It had seemed like such a good idea this morning to wear my motorcycle leathers. The feel and smell of the leather, the roar of the wind, even the weight of the helmet, free me from the burden of my thoughts. The purr of my bike between my legs is sensual, but it is also powerful. I had needed this ride badly and I had enjoyed it. But now the sun burned me and made the sweat run down my back.

I could feel the sting of salt in the corner of my eye and bit back another curse. The sun was damnably hot and the leather now clung to me uncomfortably. I pulled up at a stop light and removed my helmet, drawing a handkerchief from my bag. This particular handkerchief was a gift from Michiru. She had fastened it around my arm one day before a race, “as a token,” as if I were a knight riding into battle. I always keep it on me when I ride now. I wiped away the sweat from my forehead and replaced the helmet, just as the light turned green.

I shifted into first and let the roar of the engine envelop me. I was cruising now, not far from home and more than ready for a bath.

I could see people walking along the sidewalk, most looking as fatigued from the heat as I felt, when a familiar figure caught my eye. I pulled over and slowed, pulling alongside a girl in a short red dress, walking stiffly, her head down, obviously preoccupied.

“Oi, Rei-chan!” I called to gain her attention. Even before she spun around to face me I knew something was wrong. At the sound of my voice she had nearly leapt out of her skin. Her eyes were a bit wild as she turned and her face was definitely grayish. I actually reached out a hand to steady her. I wasn’t sure she’d remain on her feet, she looked so shaky.

“Oh, Haruka-san…” she said, obviously relieved and a bit annoyed. “I didn’t hear you ride up.”

“I’m sorry I startled you.” I began, but she waved it off. The color had returned to her face, but her eyes were still unnaturally bright. It looked as if she had not gotten much sleep recently. “Well, then, can I give you a ride somewhere to make it up to you?” She perked up at this suggestion and I pulled my extra helmet out of the carrier. She pulled her hair into a ponytail and put the helmet on, seating herself behind me. I could feel her arms slip around my waist, feel the already clinging leather adhere to my skin. I turned slightly and said over my shoulder, “Where to?”

She jumped slightly. “I don’t care.” came the peculiar answer. I shrugged a bit, kicked the engine into first gear and took off.

As we rode, I could feel Rei settling her arms around me, leaning into me and finally, gently, laying her head against my back. I took us for a spin around Ichinohashi Park and through the Juuban shopping district. I was just about to turn up towards Hikawa Shrine, when I felt her stiffen.

“Please, Haruka-san – I don’t want to go home yet.”

It wasn’t a problem. I turned the other way and headed for my apartment. I needed a bath and maybe the girl might find a swim relaxing. At the least I could be hospitable and serve her tea. She looked as if there was a great weight on her mind. Maybe she just needed someone to talk to.

I parked my bike and helped Rei off the back. I pulled the helmet off of my head with a sigh. “Would you care to come up for some tea?” I asked politely, watching her face for discomfort.

She seemed distracted, but agreed, just as politely.

The air conditioning was on in the apartment – Michiru had been and gone. I could feel the sweat pooling on my body in the cool air and I shivered.

Rei looked around unobtrusively and I told her to make herself comfortable. “I’m sorry, but I absolutely need a shower at least before I can even remotely be of use.” I grinned at her, running my fingers through my soaked hair. She smiled understandingly.

“Of course.”

“I’ll be quick about it.” I hopped into the bathroom and laboriously stripped off my leathers. The boots aren’t a problem, but peeling the suit off of me was truly disgusting. I laughed at my own squeamishness and turned on the shower. I glanced longingly at the bathtub – it was calling my name. My muscles were stiff from the ride, but it would have been rude to keep Rei waiting long. I stepped into the stream of the water and let the heat strip me of sweat and grime. What a sinful pleasure cleanliness is.

I grabbed shampoo and lathered my hair. There was a soft noise, but I could not see past the soap on my face and hair, so I ignored it. I continued to rub the soap into my scalp, when a hand reached out and touched my back.

I jumped high enough to hit the showerhead with my head. I spun around, soap running into my eyes, making it hard to see.

“Michiru! Don’t scare me like that!” I assumed the noise I had heard was Michiru entering the apartment. I looked down, but my eyes had to drop an inch or two lower before I found another pair of eyes looking up somberly at me. I stepped back in surprise.

“Rei-chan!” The girl was naked, but her long, dark hair was clothing enough. Her eyes were wide and maybe a little frightened, but not of me. She looked desperate and it scared me. “Rei-chan, what…”

“Please Haruka-san…” she hesitated. “I need….” Her voice was barely above a whisper. “Hold me.” And her voice cracked. I have never considered myself a maternal person, but at that moment I would have fought an army to protect her. Rinsing the last of the shampoo from my hair, I drew her in close, holding her to my chest. I let the warm water run over the both of us, carrying away whatever it was that pained her.

A moment or two went by in silence, then I could feel her shudder. I released her quickly, thinking she had thought better of this, but she held on to me tightly. The shakes passed quickly and she began to speak in a quiet monotone.

“It was a fox spirit, and it was killing the girl. I’ve never done an exorcism before…” she shuddered again and buried her face in my chest. After a moment she looked up, haunted by what she had seen. “She had my eyes…” I looked down at her, dark hair plastered to her body, glimpses of pale skin through the blackness and I felt a fire build within me. Leaning down, I kissed her gently on the eyelids. She laid her head against my chest. I stood, not moving. I am not an entirely immoral person and I don’t force myself on anyone, especially not young, vulnerable girls.

Rei lifted her head and touched my hair with one hand. “You still have soap in your hair. Let me rinse it for you.” and she pressed on my shoulders, until I sat on the small bench behind me. I let her run her hands through my hair, drawing all the soap out and when it was gone, still, she ran her hands through my hair. I looked up at her, one breast showing through the cloak of hair. Her nipple was pale pink, slowly darkening to rose as blood rushed to it. She looked down at me and pulled my face closer to her. I let her, until my nose just barely brushed her skin. Still looking her in the eyes, I lifted one hand to her and taking her breast in it, I closed the gap between us and kissed her. Her eyes closed, her hands stayed in my hair, moving in slow circles.

As the water cascaded over and around us, I took her in my mouth, rolling my tongue along her hard nipple. Nipping at her with my teeth I took her other breast in my other hand. She crushed me to her and sighed. “Yes, please, suck on me.” And I did, nursing on her beautiful soft breasts while the water washed us clean.

Rei moaned as I scraped my teeth across her nipple, and she arced her back, pressing me into her. I took one of her hands, and lowered it to my own breast. Her eyes opened, then closed, then opened. She pushed me away, then kneeled next to me, taking me in her hands, she pinched and rolled my nipples until all it was all I could to remember to breathe.

I looked down at her once more and desire flamed once again in me. She was so beautiful, her hair sticking to her strong body, her eyes closed in pleasure. I took her head in my hands and lifted it to me, kissing her deeply. We kissed for a long time. Her lips were soft, yielding and warm. Her tongue teased at the corner of my mouth and I laughed. She looked me in the eyes as we kissed, I stared right back, wanting to see the flame of passion ignite within her. She broke away, and brushed all her hair back, revealing herself to me for the first time. Her body was that of a young goddess, strong, well-formed, lightly muscled. She reached over and grabbed the soap from the niche. She pulled me up with one hand and began to lather my body up, paying particular attention to certain crevices, niches and areas. Her hand, slick with soap, reached in between my legs and I caught my breath. Her fingers stroked up and down my slit, losing themselves inside me, then drawing out again and playing with my clit. I could feel her other hand running along my lower back and into the crack of my butt. I felt soapy hands slide into my ass and I cried out with the feeling. I could hear her laugh to have such complete control over me, but I didn’t care at the moment. She sped her motions and I thrust forward, trying to capture every last bit of the sensation of being filled. With a small cry I came, leaning heavily on Rei, panting as my orgasm washed over me.

Her hand slowed, then went away. I almost cried out for it, but I knew there was another thing I had to do first. After rinsing myself off as quickly as possible, I turned off the water, then pulled the girl with me towards the bathtub. We reached the tub, I sat her firmly on its edge and reverently parted her legs. Her bush was dark and wet, not only with the water of the shower. Leaning forward, I ran one finger down her slit and watched her as her eyes closed, her head rolled back and her mouth went slack. I needed her, I needed to touch her. I attacked her center with my tongue, stabbing, darting, licking and finally sucking on her clit until she began to moan incessantly. I lowered myself a little, and thrust my tongue into her. To my delight she pulled me into her, crushing my head to her. I thrust harder and deeper with my tongue as she moaned her need. When the pressure of her hands let up, I moved back to her clit and began to stroke it softly with my tongue. One hand found a nipple and began to play with it. With a sudden jerk and a soft cry, Rei came for me. I continued to lick her until she pushed my head away.

Her legs closed and I laid my head on them, while she stroked my hair. I could feel her heart pounding as she took a few moments to catch her breath. I stayed on my knees, until I thought that if I did not move, I might not be able to again. Standing slowly, I helped Rei up and over into the bathtub itself.

The water was warm, after the cold floor, and my body began to relax. I leaned back and let my head rest on the tub’s edge. I felt Rei lay her head on my chest and I put my arms around her.

My thoughts drifted for a while. I looked down at Rei, who looked peaceful, much better than when I had first seen her that day. I kissed her head and she smiled at me.

“Thank you.” she said.

“It was my pleasure,” I replied honestly.

A short time later I gave her a ride home on my motorcycle. She thanked me again and smiled sweetly as she returned my helmet to me. As she walked away into the cool evening air, I could see that the bounce had returned to her step and her body seemed free of the burden it had carried earlier. I smiled at her back and kicked the bike into gear. It was time to go home.