Enchante’ : Vignette Quatre (Gentle Persuasion)

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I arrived at the Athletic Complex exceptionally early that morning. I’m a light sleeper at the best of times and often find myself restless in the early hours. Mostly I get up and run, or ride my bike to clear my head when I’m sleeping poorly. This morning I decided to get in a more formal workout. My fighting skills were, are, good, but it never hurts to get work on the basics.

I changed into my gi and headed for the multi-purpose room. It had weights, heavy bags and a makiwara board. I had decided to renew my acquaintance with a few old kata, then pound the board awhile. If nothing else, it would focus me, get my mind off of my uneasiness.

I was surprised to hear a thumping noise coming from the room as I approached. There was no doubt as to what the noise was – someone had gotten there before me and was whacking away at the makiwara. I groaned inwardly. I was in no mood to share my workout. Everytime another person saw me work out, I ended up being challenged to a fight. Actually, I was often challenged for no particular reason and it had gotten tired a long time ago.

I stood outside the room, thinking hard about returning home, when the noise stopped. I could hear someone breathing hard. Surprisingly, it sounded like a woman. Intrigued as to what kind of woman would be up before the dawn working out here, alone, I slid the door open.

The woman looked up in some surprise as I entered. I stopped sharply as I recognized her.

“Haruka-san!” she stood up straight, her face surprised.

“Mako-chan!” I replied with a smile. “Good morning! What brings you here so early?”

She bowed politely and smiled tiredly. “I haven’t been sleeping well and I thought a workout might either energize me…”

“Or wear you out?” I laughed. “Exactly my reason, too. May I join you?”

She nodded and gestured for me to join her on the tatami. She stepped back and watched while I warmed up, then ran through a few exercises. I spent another few minutes working up a sweat kicking and punching the makiwara. I could hear her pounding one of the heavy bags, but I couldn’t spare any attention to watch her, bringing all of my intent to what I was doing.

At last I turned to her and bowed. “Thank you for letting me share your workout.”

I headed towards the entrance when she spoke, rather tentatively. “Haruka-san…” she asked, “May I humbly request a favor?” I sighed a bit, not really wanting to get into this. I turned and faced her. Mako-chan was in a formal bow from a kneeling position, head touching the floor.

“I’m not sure that this is a good idea…” I began, but her head snapped up.

“Please?” Something in her eyes made me pause. Her actions and words were the soul of humility, but in her eyes smoldered a fire. She wanted to pound me into the floor. I thought of how we had met, all the unresolved issues between us…I smiled at her and bowed in response.

We took our positions across the mat from each other, bowed once formally then began to circle. I had seen enough of her fighting to know that she had studied Karate, but I thought I had a few tricks to show her. I had watched her fight, of course. As Senshi we had, if only briefly, fought each other. That fight now lingered between us and the tension in the room grew. I knew she was thinking about how I had used her, about her crush on me and how I had betrayed it. I thought I saw a flicker of flame in those green eyes. I considered her strength, her fire and her resolve. This may have been the best thing, frankly – maybe the only way to resolve this.

She didn’t immediately rush me, but she threw some punches and kicks, which I deliberately blocked a bit sluggishly, waiting until the last moment to deflect.

After a few passes, Makoto pulled back, letting her arms drop to her sides. “Don’t patronize me, Haruka-san. If you don’t want to fight, I’ll understand.” I pulled back, a bit surprised. This delayed blocking tactic was one I had used for years – and every opponent I ever had had fallen for it. Except this one. She was better than I had given her credit for.

I nodded curtly and put my hands back up. Grimly, Makoto lifted her hands as well. We commenced.

She began to get what she though was a feel for me and increased the tempo. At last she launched a flurry of her best strikes at me and I saw my chance. I blocked every strike and managed a few blows of my own. Several landed and we broke apart, Makoto leaning heavily on her thighs. She was winded and very annoyed.

This time as she closed, Makoto moved a bit more carefully, but I could see that she was favoring one leg. I made a note to myself not to hurt the girl, but decided that she was ready for a fall. We grappled and I managed to take her legs out from underneath her. She fell heavily with me on top of her.

I lay there, letting her catch her wind and looked into her eyes. The fire wasn’t gone, but had been dampened. I hate an opponent who defeats themselves, so I decided to use this respite to revive her. If I was going to win, it would be against the strong girl I knew, not this defeated creature.

“What is it, Mako-chan? Can’t decide which you want more?” I reached for a choke hold and forced her to concentrate on my arms.

“What?” she hissed between breaths.

“Which do you want more, to beat me or for me to kiss you?” I let my eyes narrow, making my voice deliberately mocking. I could see the embers burst into flame for a second. “Well?” I moved my face within an inch of hers. I could see her eyes widen. I grabbed both lapels of her gi and began to apply a choke. She struggled, but did not break the lock I had. C’mon, Mako-chan, I thought, fight me dammit!

I tried again. “You don’t want to win? You want to lay here and lose? Is that what you want? Or are you just giving up, so I’ll take you?”

She spoke, barely audible. I increased the lock and shook her. She turned her eyes full blast on me and I almost quailed. The look of painful honesty was almost too much to bear.

“I don’t know.” she repeated to my insistence. “I don’t know what I want.”

“Yes you do, ” I cajoled. “Look into yourself…” and I waited one heartbeat. Because I knew that when she found her own strength, I was a goner. I knew she was strong, but this fight convinced me I had underestimated that strength. I could feel her muscles relax, then bunch up beneath me and in an instant, she was gone. Her leg lifted me in the air and I was flung over her head with amazing power. I hit the ground hard, but rolled and rose to my feet, turning to meet her even gaze. I could see the fire back in her eyes, hotter and more intense. *Now* I would get a fight.

She launched a series of blisteringly fast strikes at me, connecting several times. One punch hit me in the jaw and rocked my head back. I attacked her, but couldn’t come to grips, finding her supple as a snake. I did manage one throw, but she sprang up immediately, as if she had never even touched the ground.

We sparred for a few more moments, no quarter given, or asked, and I found my respect for this girl renewed and increased with every moment. Once again I closed with her and once again I began to take her to the ground. But this time, she slipped my grip and with a jerk grabbed hold of my gi.

With a tremendous display of raw power, and a triumphant grunt, Makoto actually lifted me off of the ground and above her head. I lost all bearing as she lifted me up, then brought her arms crashing towards the ground. I went as limp as I could, ready for the blow of the mat against my body.

But I never hit the ground. Halfway to the ground, Makoto stopped me in mid air, released my limp, useless legs and held me – HELD me, me, the tallest person I know and one of the strongest, held me face to face with her. I could feel my legs moving ineffectually in the air. My body was slack and my root completely gone. She held me there, looking into my eyes and she smiled, wolfishly.

For the first and only time in my life I understood what it means to feel swept off of your feet.

And then she kissed me. Hard. The fire in her eyes never left, but raged harder, more intensely and I answered it. We fell to the ground together, pulling at each other’s clothes, lust and need mingling with the flame of combat. I knew battlelust, I’d felt it before, but never so intensely. I ripped her shirt, pulling it over her head, and mine was off before I knew what had happened. I could feel her teeth on my throat, my shoulders and my ears. I knew I’d be covered in marks by the time she was done with me. I moaned as she raked her teeth across my shoulder, and her nails dug into my back. I looked up into her eyes, as she straddled me, pinning me down with her knees and arms.

What power this girl was capable of, and what control. As she devoured me, I let my eyes close and be carried away by her. Of course, it was about control. I decided to give Makoto exactly what she wanted, and abandoned myself to her, to her commands. She demanded my subservience, and I freely gave it. I begged her to fuck me and she was able to deny me. I could her hear laugh and see the recognition of my ploy in her eyes. I asked to serve her, and was granted permission. She let me up and I immediately began to caress her lovingly. I ran my hand between her legs and rolled her clit between my fingers. I sucked on one breast and played with her other one. When Makoto’s body spoke of a deeper need, I entered her and buried my face between her legs. She came almost silently, her body rigid, covered in a light sheen of sweat. When she relaxed, I looked over her – admiring the hard muscles, the strong legs, the firm buttocks. She really was a beautiful girl.

Her breathing became more regular and I kissed her, not taking my hand out of her. I had done what she wanted, now it was time to get what I wanted. Slowly, I began to move within her, finding corners and filling them, gently massaging sensitive areas. I could feel her heart beating harder, as I increased my speed. From deep within her body I could feel the spasms begin. With a gasp, she thrust her hand between her legs and played with herself, until her second orgasm came screeching out of her, muffled as Makoto bit into my shoulder to quiet herself. When her body finished shaking, she released my shoulder and fell backwards limply. I soothed her and covered her up in her gi top. She let her eyes close for a moment, then struggled to sit up. She looked around, a bit dazed.

“We probably shouldn’t stay here like this.” She giggled a bit giddily, as she pulled her clothes back on. I did the same and we both stood up. Makoto looked at me through narrowed eyes. “Don’t I owe you or something?”

I demurred. “You don’t owe me anything. Let’s consider it a draw.”

She looked at me strangely. “I wasn’t talking about the kumite.”

I smiled. “I know.”


When we left the all-purpose room a few other people had entered the club, but the women’s locker room was empty. We stripped, showered and went back to our lockers to change. Makoto was very quiet, but seemed happy enough. I didn’t try to engage her in meaningless chatter.

I turned away from her, to get my clothes, when I felt her grab one arm, spin me around and slam me firmly up against the locker.

“It’s not over until I say it is,” she said teasingly. Her hand slipped between my legs and began to stroke me. Already wet from our previous encounter, she found me ready for her. She watched my face as I leaned my head back on the locker. I could feel her fingers inside me. Apparently she learned her lessons well. With a surprised grunt, I felt her moving around, hitting all my sensitive spots.

I smiled through half-open eyes. “Can I come for you?” I whispered and felt her shudder. She nodded and I reached down to touch myself. My orgasm was stronger for having been delayed and it went on for a very long time. When I caught my breath, I looked down and saw Makoto leaning her head against me, panting. She looked up and smiled brightly. I couldn’t help myself. I leaned down and kissed her and she responded so sweetly, I could feel my throat close with emotion. I stroked her hair, and held her to me.

We stood like that for a long time. Finally she kissed me once more and stood up. I could hear noises coming from beyond the entrance – people were coming into the room. We separated, and dressed silently. Together we left the Athletic Center.

Outside the entrance I paused and offered her a ride home.

Makoto turned to me and bowed. “No thank you.” she said happily, “I’d prefer to walk. But thank you for the match. Now, we can consider it a draw.” And she stepped into the street, waved over her shoulder at me and walked briskly away.



Makiwara is a canvas or rope covered board or surface used for conditioning training in Karate.

Kumite is a sparring match.