Enchante’ : Vignette Trois (Virtuoso)

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The doorbell rang. This was an unusual occurrence. Few people knew where we lived, and of them, few visited. We went out of our way to remain anonymous, to be honest. Neither of us had a desire to have what is amusingly referred to as a “social life.” Michiru and I are both private people, by nature and by circumstance.

I looked into the peephole and let a grin cross my face. I turned and called over my shoulder. “It’s for you.” Michiru walked across the tatami and joined me at the door. She looked quizzically at me, then looked through the peephole. The doorbell rang again and Michiru shifted back, color showing in her cheeks.

Michiru turned without a word and went into the kitchen to make tea. I stood back from the door, turned to the window and looked out, so my smile would not show, and called out. “Come in!”

The door opened slowly and a figure entered, bowing deeply.

I turned and greeted Ami with a welcoming gesture. She bowed again, holding out a decorated box. I thanked her for the gift and asked her to make herself comfortable. She blushed deeply and thanked me, as politely as possible. I watched her as she looked around, noticing Michiru’s paintings on the walls, taking in the sparse furnishings, the antique lacquered cabinet. I felt bad for her, to be honest. I promised myself I would not tease her, she was too sensitive by half. So polite and overwrought. She had no idea how guilty Michiru felt when it came to her, how they had met and raced, and how Michiru had hurt her feelings. Michiru still beat herself up about the way she had treated Ami. When I teased Michiru at that tea shop, I had no idea the girl would truly find the will to come here and have it out with her. There was a lot I did not yet know about Mizuno Ami.

Michiru entered and Ami protested that she had gone to too much trouble. I opened the box as Michiru set out tea cups and pot. Inside were exceptionally decorated mochi and bean sweets. I was impressed. Its very hard to find this level of skill, and expensive too. We exclaimed over the gift, pronouncing polite thanks and Ami replied saying that we were too kind.

I had a hard time not laughing at the farce. As soon as it was polite to do so, I excused myself, claiming I had business elsewhere. Michiru shot me a look, but said nothing. I left, intending to go for a long, long car ride.


I returned several hours later, tired from the road, and the fresh air, and the sea. There was sand in between my toes and in my hair, but I felt great. I entered the apartment, listened for a moment but heard nothing. Shrugging, I assumed Ami was gone, along with Michiru. I stripped down in the bathroom, rinsed myself off and gave myself a long soak in the tub. One of my guilty pleasures, I’ll admit. I became addicted to bathing when I was running regularly. Although I was a sprinter, we trained for long hours at a time. A hot bath was magic then.

I was just contemplating leaving my refuge, when the bathroom door slid open. Michiru entered, wearing the yukata I gave her for her last birthday. It is a silk brocade, beginning at the color in the exact shade of her hair, and graduating  to a pale cream at the bottom. The brocade pattern is small, finely sewn waves, each the same color as the material behind it. It is a magnificent robe, and she looks every inch a Princess in it.

She smiled and held out a towel as I rose. Her hair was up, and she looked slightly bedraggled, as if she had just awakened. I smiled back at her and took the towel, wrapping myself in it. I stepped up to her and kissed her lightly on the lips. She put her finger on my lips, took one hand and led me out of the bathroom.

When she got to the bedroom door, she stopped me and asked me to wait a moment. I did as she asked and she stepped into the room, sliding the door behind her. I heard some movement, then silence. Michiru’s voice came through the door, asking me to enter.

When I stepped into the room I was greeted with a surprising, but pleasant picture. Michiru was sitting on the bed, her robe gathered around her in waves of bluegreen and cream. Her legs were neatly tucked underneath her and her hair was loose once again. And sitting next to her, surrounded by billowing folds of golden silk, sat Ami. I laughed to see her, dwarfed in my golden yuakata, the material practically drowning her limbs. She smiled tentatively up at me and I smiled reassuringly back at her.

Michiru reached over and pulled at one of the robe’s shoulders. Ami’s pale freckled skin showed. Michiru stroked the shoulder lovingly, inviting me to touch it. I came over to the bed, leaned over the girl and placed a kiss right in the hollow between neck and shoulder. Ami smiled at me, no longer tentative and pulled my face into her body. She fell back in folds of golden silk, her hair falling into her eyes. I covered her body with my own and held her close while she reached for me and kissed me. I could feel Michiru stripping the towel from my body, as I pulled Ami free of my robe. Her breasts were small, firm and incredibly hard. I really think I could never get tired of playing with them. Her aureoles were large, coral and delicious. I held them together licking both nipples alternately, or pinching them in between my fingers until she cried out.

What I truly wanted to do was fuck this girl. I looked inter her eyes and I could see her crying out for it. She wanted me to be in her and I wanted to oblige. I wanted to play this girl the way Michiru strokes her violin – lovingly, firmly, sensuously.

I always joke that Michiru can read my mind. I’m not sure its not the truth. I could feel her moving around on the bed, lifting one of my legs, then fastening something to it. I smiled. This is our new toy. It is not uncomfortable to wear, nor is it uncomfortable to find inside yourself. If it has a name, I don’t know it, I don’t care, really. I repositioned myself slightly, moving my leg against Ami, finding her already wet and ready. I lifted my thigh and thrust it towards her slowly, moving the dildo slowly into her. Her mouth was slack, eyes closed and nothing coherent was coming out of her mouth, just soft moans that spoke volumes.

I moved in and out slowly, wanting Ami to meet me, join me in this. First her hips joined me, moving almost despite her will. Then her hands found me and pulled me to her, crushing my face to her breast, grabbing onto my hair and pulling me in. I moved my leg back and forth, finding all the corners inside her, missing only one thing. I had no idea where Michiru might be. I thought how lovely it would be if she would kiss Ami for me, soothe the girl’s heat with cooling caresses.

Ami’s thrusts were speeding up now, but I didn’t want it to be over so soon, so I slowed again, making her growl low in her throat. I laughed, then used my teeth on that throat. Slowly, slowly I kept the tempo tantalizing, maddeningly slow and Ami was beginning to become desperate. I was just about to slam myself into Ami when I felt my own cunt filled in one smooth motion with another object. Michiru was kneeling behind me, her own toy strapped on and an truly evil smile on her face. I gasped as she entered me, forcing my leg forward into Ami, who rose off the bed. Ami sat up, pulling me into her neck and looked over my shoulder at Michiru. That set her off. Ami let herself go completely, begging me to go in her, pulling me in with every thrust. I could feel her vibrating now, thrumming underneath me and I knew she was going to come. Michiru reached beneath me and began to play with my clit, massaging me inside and out. A noise from deep inside me began to build and I didn’t bother trying to stop it. As Ami’s body tensed underneath me, whipping back and forth in ecstasy, my own orgasm was hard, deep and internal. I could hear Michiru grunting softly behind me and Ami wailing beneath me and I let myself be carried away by the intensity between us. Ami came first, her body tensing and releasing for what seemed like an hour. I followed next, when Michiru pounded into me one last time and I collapsed heavily onto Ami, who lay completely spent, on the bed. Michiru followed, as soon as my orgasm began, fingering herself to climax, so that I could hear her as I enjoyed my own.


I rolled off of Ami, who looked to be asleep amongst her sea of golden silk and rolled towards Michiru, now completely naked. I looked into her eyes and kissed her hard. She laid her head against my chest and I leaned back. I could feel Ami snuggle herself into my body and I fell asleep.

Ami woke a short time later and looked around the unfamiliar surroundings. I saw her blush as she looked at us, then quickly gather up the robe and cover herself. The last thing I wanted was for this gentle, beautiful creature to go running off, regretting any moment of this, so I put a hand out to stop her.

“Please don’t go.” I said quietly. Her eyes fell, but her smile was not at all embarrassed. I sighed, relieved.

“I thought I might be able to use your bath….” I gave her permission with a nod and a smile.

Ami bathed, then dressed. When I saw her again she was gathering her things to go. I was standing in the living room, looking out the window at the stars. Ami entered with Michiru, holding a small package.

I turned and held my hand out to Ami, who gripped it with surprising firmness, bowed and thanked me. She left then and a profound silence fell on the apartment, as if someone had turned off music that had been playing.

I turned back to the window and Michiru stood next to me, her hand on my arm. we stood for a moment in silence.

“What did you give her?” I asked, thinking of the package the girl held as she left.

“A copy of Mozart’s No. 4 Violin Concerto in D major. The one I recorded at the Acropolis.” she smiled and put her head on my arm.

“Exactly.” I said, and put my arm around her.