Enchante’: Vignette Une (Lavish Attention)

Written By | Series: Sailor Moon | Part of

 Michiru hesitated as she touched the door handle. Her arms were full of groceries, as were mine. Her eyes became unfocused, then just as quickly, returned to the present.

“Michiru? What is it?” I moved closer to her.

“Nothing.” She lowered her voice. “I thought I felt something, a presence…but there’s no sense of evil.” She shrugged the bags into a more comfortable position and turned the key.

I reached for the light switch as I entered, and she followed right behind me, closing the door as she passed through.

I flipped on the light and came to an abrupt stop. Michiru dropped her bags and gasped.

Sailor Venus stood in the middle of the apartment, a Venus Love Me Chain dangling from her hand. The delicate golden links tinkled with a unearthly noise as they made lazy swirls on the carpet.

I stood and stared, trying to think of something to say.

“Well?” she demanded, at last.

“Well, what?” I stuttered, completely taken aback. It’s not often I lose my composure, but it’s not often that I’m taken completely by surprise either. Michiru’s intuition had been right on both accounts, there was a presence and she wasn’t evil – well not terribly evil, anyway. I knew perfectly well why she was here. I could envision her standing in the audience at the Affection Degrees Contest, crying “Haruka-san look at me!” and picture her and Usagi following me with what they evidently regarded as stealth. I suppressed a smile.

“Well,” she said impatiently, as if I was a slow child, “What is it going to take to get you to notice me? How many times do I have to ask you to look at me?” Her voice rose, but did not become shrill. I opened my mouth to answer, but the spark in her eyes stopped me.

“Don’t make me use this….” Her grin was as evil as anything I’d ever seen. She brandished the Chain in our direction.

Michiru, still not quite sure of an appropriate reaction, took a step back towards the door. Venus reacted so quickly I barely had time to let my bags of groceries fall to the floor. A moment later I found my arms tightly bound to my side. Looking over at Michiru, I could see that the Love Me Chain held her firmly in place as well.

Venus approached, still grinning. “Well?” She detransformed as she walked towards me, ending up directly in front of me. Minako-chan was wearing a light blue dress that nearly matched the color of her eyes. She turned her back to me and gathered up her hair, lifting it to bare her neck and the dress’s zipper.

I glanced a bit wildly at Michiru. She knows how helpless I am in the face of that gesture. She gave an almost imperceptible smile and I turned back to Minako.

“I’d be glad to but…” I shrugged my arms still bound by the Chain. In a second, the Chain disappeared. I lifted my free hands and placed them on her back. I leaned into her hair and whispered. “Surely Michiru doesn’t have to stand here and watch this? Won’t you let her go?”

“No.” Michiru said, in the oddest tone of voice I’d ever heard her use. “I’d like to stay.” Something in her voice made me shiver, and it did Minako, as well. I could see goosebumps rise all over Minako’s shoulders.

The Chain released Michiru and she advanced, while I began to unzip Minako’s dress. I am not kidding when I say that the act of baring a neck makes me helpless. Michiru has, one more than one occasion, used that gesture to end an argument. I leaned down and very gently placed a kiss on Minako’s neck, while drawing the zipper of her dress lower. She shivered ever so slightly and as my kiss lingered, leaning her head back. I continued to kiss her on the neck, as the zipper reached its nadir. I felt the dress being pulled down over her shoulders – Michiru was lending a hand. I looked up over Minako’s shoulder and met Michiru’s eyes. Taking one of her hands, I kissed the palm, then let go. She smiled and turned to the girl in between us. Returning to Minako’s neck, I kissed a trail down her spine, parting the dress and sliding it away from her. I could feel her moan slightly, as Michiru leaned forward and kissed her at the base of the throat. I smiled – I do that too, when Michiru kisses me there.

I finished sliding the dress across Minako’s body and with a final slither, it fell to the ground. She now stood between us, clad in camisole and panties, looking every inch the magnificent creature she was. Her body was lithe and athletic – a dancer’s body. I ran one hand under the camisole and around her ribs, while nipping at her shoulders and neck. I could feel her trembling, as Michiru kissed her deeply. For a moment, I stopped, simply to watch these two beautiful women as they kissed. Minako’s’ hands covered Michiru’s, which cupped Minako’s face. Minako slipped one arm around Michiru’s neck and I held my breath at the sight.

I slipped my second hand under the camisole and across Minako’s abdomen. Slowly, I caressed the area beneath her breasts, not yet touching them. This is the softest area on a woman’s body and deserves some attention of its own. I drew my hands back to where her breasts just began and ran my hands underneath them, cupping them lightly. I could feel Minako rumble with pleasure and lifted one finger on each hand, to just barely brush her nipples. With a gasp, Minako broke the embrace between her and Michiru, throwing her head back. Michiru lowered herself slightly and began to kiss the area above the camisole’s lace trim. I could see her drawing her tongue slowly across the top of Minako’s cleavage, sometimes letting it probe a little deeper. I moved into Minako’s neck and gently fastened my teeth on her. Once again her head lolled back and once again, I let my finger brush her nipples. She leaned into me and moaned, thrusting her chest forward. I let my fingers roll her lovely soft nipples and reveled in the sounds she was making, now a gasp, now a cry. I took my mouth, then my hands away and Minako whimpered at the loss.

Looking at Michiru, I lifted Minako in my arms and walked with her to the center of the room. Michiru walked swiftly over to the lacquered cabinet and removed our futon from it. She laid it out and I laid Minako gently down upon it. The girl seems lost in a haze of pleasure, but her eyes opened as I leaned over her. She smiled – a slow, seductive smile that sent a chill through me. I looked up at Michiru, who answered that smile with one of her own. Michiru removed her clothes, then my tie, with alacrity. I opened the collar of my shirt, but did not remove it.

When I looked back at Minako, she was watching Michiru undress with interest. I decided to give her something more interesting to focus on and kissed her hard on the mouth. Her tongue met my own, fighting for supremacy. I let her win, and she explored my mouth, while I explored other parts of her. My hands had once again found her breasts, but I wanted more. I broke away from our kiss, and brought my mouth to one nipple. My hand still controlled the other, but it was brushed away by Michiru, who took the other nipple for her own. Together we removed the camisole, and together we began to suck at Minako, supporting her with one hand behind her back, one hand on her stomach, mouths firmly over her breasts.

If you haven’t experienced the sensation of a mouth on a nipple, then I can’t describe it fully; hard and soft, warm and cold. Minako thrashed as we nursed on her. Michiru took her mouth away and swiped quickly at Minako’s mouth with her tongue, The girl practically rose off the ground to get at Michiru but, laughing, my lover had disappeared back down to her chest. Michiru lifted herself, and taking one of Minako’s’ hands, had the girl take one of her own breasts. The Michiru lowered herself to the waiting mouth. Minako pinched her own nipple and moaning, devoured Michiru’s breast. I took one look at the thrashing hips below me and knew what I wanted most.

I slid Minako’s underwear off, and lifted her slightly, discarding them over my shoulder. Minako was hot enough not to care what she looked like, and her pelvis pounded upwards, seeking some kind of release. I slid my hands down from her navel and ran them over the blonde mound in front of me.

“Beautiful,” I sighed and separated my hands, opening her up. I kissed her once, twice and three times, softly, slowly and lingeringly on her clit, then, very gently, let my tongue roll around it. I drew my tongue upwards in broad motions, which made her respond with a muffled moan. Then I drew my tongue down, across her labia, and into the center folds of her cunt. When I entered her, she bucked and I could hear her cry out, but I no longer cared about her. I only wanted to taste her, feel her in my mouth. My tongue ran lightly across her clit again and again, until I could feel her tensing. I brought one hand up and played with her wetness, coating myself in it. I slid my fingers into her gently until they were in as far as they could go. I looked up and caught sight of Michiru taking Minako’s hand and entering herself with it. I brought my own hand out again and slammed it back. Minako lurched upwards with a shriek, as Michiru fingered herself. Minako had one hand on her own breast, pinching and pulling and the second hand was lost between Michiru’s legs.

I returned my mouth to Minako’s clit and began to brush slowly over it, again and again. As her thrusts upwards increased, so did my tempo. I could feel her rising tension and moved my hand inside of her to coincide with the thrusts, entering her harder and deeper, until I was pounding into her. Minako began to thrash her head back and forth and I renewed my efforts, speeding up. Her abdomen tensed and her body, oblivious of anything but its own need, drew my fingers in deeply. I thrust into her and kept my tongue moving. All at once she screamed, a scream I have heard before and delight in – a scream of primal energy and desire. With that scream I also heard Michiru, now adding her own orgasm to Minako’s, as the girl thrust hard into her.

I kept licking Minako until the tension subsided, until her chest relaxed and her back fell from its arched position and her hand dropped limply from Michiru’s body. I lifted my head to look at the both of them, flushed and breathing hard. I was so wet I could barely think straight, but there was no way I was going to force myself on the girl. Michiru, on the other hand…. I smiled.

I got to my knees and crawled over to where my lover kneeled. She smiled at me and lifted her hands to my shoulders. She licked Minako’s juices off of my face and kissed me.

“Mmmmmm….” she took my fingers in her hand and slowly dragged her tongue over each one, cleaning them seductively. I kissed her, tasting Minako in her kiss. We kissed deeply, until I felt something tugging at my shirt.

I looked down to find Minako, practically panting with her need to get to me. She looked up and growled, “Get it off.”

Michiru laughed at the look on my face. She unbuttoned my shirt and she and Minako removed it and the T-shirt underneath it. The next thing I knew I was flat on my back, and Michiru was pulling at my belt. I tried to assist, but Minako had pinned my hands over my head and was now sucking at me, teasing me with her tongue. I began to moan and she grinned at me ferally. Her teeth scraped across my nipples, dragging at them.

Michiru had gotten my pants off and parted my legs. I braced myself, but nothing happened. I looked up to see Minako and Michiru watching me from under lowered lids. They sat at either side of me and just watched. I looked at both of them and waited. Nothing…

“Please.” I begged, all pride lost in desire. Minako brought one hand down between my legs and opened me. I gasped and my eyes rolled back in my head. At least ten hands touched me then, teasing me, drawing wetness out of me and spreading it on me. My head was whipping from side to side with the exquisite torture of it. I lost all power of speech as Minako entered me, while Michiru’s tongue played across my clit. Hands on my breasts, inside of me, tongues teasing; when I came I called out for both of them, begging and pleading for them not to stop.

We lay for a while, the three of us, intertwined, letting that dreamy feeling one gets come upon us. We may have even slept. When I sat up again, I could see green hair and blonde caught together in the setting sunlight. I kissed each of them gently and rose. I pulled on my shirt and went into the kitchen to make tea.

When I returned with the tray, Minako sat with Michiru, both dressed, both looking for the world like nothing had happened, except for the slight flush in their faces. We had tea and chatted inconsequentially for a little while. It was just getting dark when Minako rose and politely excused herself, saying she had to go home.

She put one hand on the door and paused. She turned and with a smile asked, “So? Which one of you picked me?”

Both startled, we looked up at her, unsure what to say.

“Come on, out with it. Which one of you knew it would be me first?” I pointed at Michiru, who smiled brightly. Minako smiled back at her and winked. “Thank you for paying such lavish attention to me today.” she said to us, and bowed. She turned, opened the door and walked out, never looking back.