Present Tense (Part 03)

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When Mamoru entered the bathroom, he found Minako already naked. Her hair was being shampooed by Rei, and Usagi stood before her, holding soap and a washcloth. Usagi handed him the cloth, and took a new one for herself. She smiled up at him and gestured for him to precede her, which he did. Minako stood in front of the low showerhead, the stool kicked back against the wall, assumably by Rei, who stood behind Minako, facing them, a look of concentration on her face as she lathered the mass of golden hair.

Mamoru had gone to some trouble redoing the bathroom and he looked around proudly. The showerhead was removable for, as Usagi and Rei had showed him, there were more things to be done with a showerhead than just rinsing off. A small window let in air, but the lighting was bright and natural and several plants gave the room color and life.

Mamoru turned his eyes away from his surroundings towards Minako and caught his breath. Her pale skin glistened with the water droplets that ran down her torso. Mamoru stood for a moment just looking at her and marveling. He wondered if life could get any better than this.

He turned to Usagi and leaned down to kiss her. She gave him a soft, slow kiss that made his toes curl. When they broke apart, he laid his hand with the washcloth just at the junction of Minako’s neck and began to stroke it across her skin in long luxurious motions. He moved outward, taking one arm and washing it, and them returning to her chest. He lifted one breast, and catching Usagi’s eye, they both leaned down to kiss to Minako’s nipples, before carefully washing her. Minako stood still and silent, as if she were a marble statue. Only the blood rushing to her cheeks and nipples, and the soft purring noise that came from her throat gave any sign that she was aware of her surroundings.

Rei had finished washing Minako’s hair and was rinsing it, letting the water pour over the girl, herself, Usagi and Mamoru, soaking them and causing their clothes to stick to their bodies.

Rei stepped back to admire her handiwork. She smiled, pleased and whispered something to Minako, who opened her eyes and ran her hand through her hair, shaking it out. Even wet, it cascaded down her body in waves.

Usagi’s eyes followed the billowing folds of gold and smiled, a bit jealously. Her hair, for all its great length, was not as full as Minako’s. Usagi stepped close to Minako and picked up a handful of her hair, bringing it to her face. Usagi’s eyes closed and she buried her face in Minako’s hair, causing another one of those soft purrs to emerge from deep within Minako’s throat.

Usagi looked up from her nest of gold and without warning, kissed Minako, deeply, with incredible passion.

It’s almost, Mamoru thought, that with each passing day, or with each added person, she becomes stronger, more passionate, more full of desire. Contemplating Usagi’s ability to love without constraint or regret made his throat close up just a bit, as he felt a pang of something, perhaps envy?

Rei leaned over to Mamoru and pulled him closer to Usagi. He wrapped his arms around his lover, pulling himself closer into her embrace with Minako. The two blondes stopped kissing and he saw Minako’s bright blue eyes over Usagi’s head. Rei turned Usagi’s face towards her and kissed her, while Minako leaned up and placed a soft kiss on Mamoru’s lips. The shampoo Rei had used on Minako’s hair smelled of peaches.

They broke apart and, as if by consensus, began to undress. Minako took the lead, and turned to Rei. She began to lift Rei’s blouse off, then stopped. Turning to include Usagi and Mamoru in her words, she placed one hand one Rei’s cheek.

“Thank you for letting me join you.” Rei took the hand from her cheek and kissed the wrist.

“It is our great pleasure.” Mamoru answered for them all.

Rei gazed into Minako’s face and a sly smile flitted across her lips. Glancing at Usagi she said, “I want to see who’s a better kisser, after all.” Minako laughed and drew Rei in for a kiss. Mamoru stood back, his hands on Usagi’s shoulders, watching as the two kissed, their hair mingling in wet strands across their arms. Mamoru could feel himself, hard against Usagi’s back. She leaned back into him, letting him know she felt it, as well.

As Rei and Minako pressed themselves closer, Usagi’s breath became rapid and more shallow. Mamoru could hear it rasping in the wet, warm air of the bathroom. Minako and Rei were still clasped in a deep embrace, their hands running up and down each other’s backs and arms. Minako pulled away and kissed her way down to the junction of Rei’s pale neck, kissing her fiercely there, then turning once again to the task of pulling her blouse up over her head. Rei lifted her arms and the garment was discarded. Looking up at Rei, Minako slid her hands over the leather pants, tracing a trail that ended between Rei’s legs.

Rei growled, as her eyes rolled back in her head. Usagi moaned at this, grabbing for Mamoru, placing his hands around her ribs and onto her breasts. Automatically he began to caress her, not taking his eyes from the sight of Rei and Minako, now once again kissing, now with hands touching breasts, legs, Rei’s thigh thrust firmly between Minako’s legs.

Mamoru turned Usagi around and stripped her of her clothing. When he had removed her outer layers, he lingered, leaving her clad in her underwear, admiring her trim form. Rei and Minako broke apart, both dazed from the prolonged embrace. Her eyes swimming, Rei gazed at Usagi, who stood clad in only her bra and panties. Rei stepped in front of Usagi, then went to her knees before her, running her lips across the skin at the junction of Usagi’s thighs. Usagi moaned again, thrusting her hands into Rei’s hair.

Minako glanced at Mamoru, as if asking him for permission to take his place, then moved behind Usagi, unhooking her bra and sliding her hands underneath it, to cup her breasts. Usagi’s head lolled back and Minako moaned, swinging her head from side to side, while she slid her hands upwards to roll Usagi’s nipples between her fingers.

Mamoru aped Minako and stood behind her. She smiled up at him as he cupped her breasts from below, caressing her soft skin, and then leaned into him as he pinched her nipples softly. Minako pressed into his erection, rubbing her body against him. Realizing he was still clothed, Minako took her hands off of Usagi and turned to Mamoru. Her motion broke Usagi out of her reverie, and she drew Rei up from the floor, where she had been licking Usagi through her panties.

Minako’s hands were sure and firm as she removed his sweater, then Rei and Usagi pulled off his T-shirt. His eyes closed. He could feel someone’s hands move across his chest, and lightly stroke his nipples. Someone undid his belt, then the button on his pants. Several hands caressed him through the material, while two other hands moved around to his ass, stroking, teasing him, tickling their way between his legs. His pants and underwear were pulled to the ground, where he stepped out of them, taking the moment to remind himself to breathe.

Now they all turned to Rei, who stood still in her pants and bra. Usagi reached around to unfasten it, and Minako traced circles around Rei’s aureoles with her fingertips. She removed the garment and lowered her head to Rei’s pale breasts, licking at the tips as if they were candy.

Mamoru knelt and began to unfasten Rei’s pants, sliding his hands up her inner calves and thighs, while Usagi helped maneuver the tight pants over her hips and down to the ground. Minako was sucking on Rei hard now, and Rei was moaning loudly. She grabbed a fistful of Mamoru’s hair as Minako pinched one nipple. Mamoru thrust his face between Rei’s legs, biting at her through her panties. Usagi pulled these down as well, then ran her hand teasingly through the dark hair in front of Mamoru. He moaned as Usagi let him taste Rei on one of her fingers.

Minako watched this and lifted her head. Usagi ran her finger once again through Rei’s bush, and offered the finger to Minako, who took it delicately between her lips, then parted them seductively, and traced the edge of the finger with her tongue. She moved her mouth to the end of the finger, then sucked the entire finger into her mouth, moving up and down on it slowly. Mamoru felt a groan from his center move through him as he watched this. Rei joined Minako by pulling Usagi’s face to hers and kissing her, teasing her, letting her tongue move into the corner of Usagi’s mouth, her ear, the corner of her eye. Mamoru, still in kneeling front of Rei, parted her lips and began to finger her wetness, drawing it out and spreading it around. Rei moaned his name into Usagi’s mouth and gasped, as Mamoru slipped two fingers inside her. She pulled away from Usagi with a jerk and leaned heavily on Mamoru’s shoulders.

“Not yet.” she gasped, breathing heavily. The other three stopped and pulled away from her slowly. She straightened herself and looked towards the tub. “I believe we should take care of our guest first.” she explained.

There was no noise in the bathroom, except ragged breathing and the occasional drip of water. All at once, Mamoru stood, drawing all the girls’ attention to him. “Its cold on the floor. Why don’t we move into the tub?” He stepped into the bathtub, holding his hand out for the others, helping them into the warm water.

There was room for four adults, but it was cozy. Minako leaned back in the tub and sighed. Mamoru seconded the feeling. Rei was unusually quiet tonight. Mamoru wondered if she might be contemplating her future relationship with Minako.

Usagi squirmed a moment, then finding a comfortable position, began to stroke Minako’s legs. They obediently parted and Rei gave a low laugh, as she sat herself next to Minako on one side then slid one hand beneath Minako’s waist and placed one hand on her shoulder.

Mamoru moved to her other side. Locking eyes with Rei, they took their places as they had been in the memory. Usagi waited, watching. Nothing was said, nothing needed to be. As one, Rei and Mamoru lifted Minako’s hips until she floated. Usagi took her position between Minako’s legs. Minako opened her eyes and smiled at Usagi, her eyes dazzled and a bit wild.

“I…” she began, but Usagi interrupted.

“You’re not having second thoughts, are you?” Usagi’s voice was light, reassuring.

Minako frowned prettily. “No!” she laughed at herself, “Its just that, well, this is a bit beyond my wildest dreams, really.” Her voice shook with excitement. “I never imagined anything like this. I’m a bit out of my depth.”

Rei kissed her gently. “Trust Usagi,” she said with a grin. “She’s really learned a thing or two.” Mamoru laughed out loud at this and, after a moment, so did Minako.

“I do trust Usagi. I trust all of you.” Closing her eyes once more, Minako let her head loll backwards onto the edge of the tub.

“Then let us make you feel good.” Mamoru murmured as he turned her face and kissed her hard. She returned the kiss with incredible intensity. He was glad he was seated, or he might have fallen down.

Usagi bent her head down to the blonde mound beneath her, kissing Minako lightly on either leg, then kissing upwards along her inner lips. Mamoru watched as Usagi parted Minako’s folds, and continued to kiss her. Usagi’s lips brushed across Minako’s clit and in unison, they both moaned. Mamoru was hard as a rock, but he refused to even acknowledge his own need, so enrapt was he in watching Usagi pleasure Minako. Reluctantly, he turned away from the sight and found himself being regarded by Rei. Her eyes burned with desire and he suddenly wanted very much to touch her.

Turning away from him, Rei lowered her head to Minako’s breast, nuzzling it, then reaching out with her tongue and finally, her teeth. Minako’s breath rasped and she shuddered as Usagi, still kissing her clit, reached out with a flick of the tongue across her hard nub. Mamoru groaned as he watched this and buried his face into Minako’s other breast. By now the blonde was moaning uncontrollably and Usagi’s tongue was speeding up. Mamoru closed his eyes and allowed himself to be carried away by Minako’s rising passion when he jerked. A foot slid along his erection. His eyes wide, he looked around, but no one met his gaze. He started to lower his lips once again to the now thrashing Minako, when a dark glance, full of laughter, caught his attention. Rei blew him a kiss, then scraped her teeth across Minako’s nipple. Mamoru groaned again, this time with his own arousal and began to suck hard on Minako.

Caught between so many hands and lips Minako began to scream with her orgasm, throwing herself around in the water, until waves churned over the edge of the bathtub. As she screamed and grabbed Usagi’s head, squeezing it in between her legs, Rei ran her foot along Mamoru again and he gasped and bit hard on Minako, who yelped and jerked, arching her back stiffly, then finally, relaxing back into the water and Mamoru’s and Rei’s embrace.

There was a moment’s silence, then Usagi, gently detaching herself from Minako’s stranglehold, kissed Minako several times on the leg and groin. She turned to Mamoru and practically flung herself into his arms, kissing him deeply. When they broke apart, Usagi scooted over to sit by Rei and they kissed, as well, Rei licking Minako’s juices from Usagi’s face.

“Mmmm, delicious.” Rei commented.

Usagi laughed. “You’ll have to try some for yourself.”

Rei was about to comment when Minako moaned and fluttered her eyes. She spent a moment focusing on her surrounding, then her company. They watched her as she floundered a bit, then pushed herself to a sitting position.

“Oh my God.” she said, at last, in a rough whisper. “Thank you.” Her eyes turned on each of them in succession. “What can I do for you?” she asked sincerely.

“Really?” Usagi asked. “I know what I want.”

Rei giggled. “Usagi always knows what she wants.” she pointed out unnecessarily.

Minako looked at her, a small smile on her lips. “What do you want then, Usagi?”

Usagi moved very close to Minako and spoke is a soft voice. “I want to watch you and Rei-chan make love to Mamo-chan.”


There was an intense silence as they entered the bedroom. Three of them watched as Usagi languidly laid herself on her stomach on the bed, propping herself up with pillows and making herself comfortable. Mamoru handed Rei onto the bed, then did the same for Minako, laying himself last upon the sheets.

Usagi watched intently as Mamoru was straddled by Minako, who shook her hair onto his chest, stroking him with the silky stuff. Rei leaned over Mamoru and added her own hair to the blanket on his chest. The two women stroked their hair over his body, causing goosebumps to rise on his legs and arms. He moaned as their motions increased in range and scope. When Minako slid her hair along his groin, his mouth dropped open and Rei leaned into him for a long kiss, teasing his tongue, drawing it out for Usagi to see.

Mamoru filled his hands with Minako’s hair and pulled her towards him, turning his head to kiss her. She nipped at his lips, then smiled broadly at Rei and they kissed, tongues wrestling. When they broke apart, Rei crawled towards Mamoru’s head, straddling him with her legs, while Minako did the same over his erection. The two women kissed again, while Usagi watched, wide-eyed with desire. Rei took Minako’s breast in one hand, while licking at the other and the blonde threw her head back. Mamoru whimpered a bit, as he tried to lick Rei, but she withdrew herself and continued to feed on Minako. Minako gently caressed Rei’s breasts, until Rei had to disengage and roll her own head back.

Mamoru was now grabbing at Rei, trying to draw her lower and she finally subsided, lowering herself to his mouth. As he reached out with his tongue, he groaned as Minako lowered herself onto him. They could hear Usagi gasp as she looked on, but did not turn towards her.

As she settled herself over Mamoru, Minako continued to lick Rei. Rei’s hands fluttered in the air briefly, then settled on Minako’s shoulders, pulling her close. Minako leaned forward, pulling herself away from Mamoru, who moaned piteously, his face muffled by Rei. Minako leaned back, once again settling onto Mamoru, who sighed.

Minako took her hands away from Rei and removed Rei’s hand from her shoulders, bringing them down to her own breasts. Rei returned the favor gladly, nuzzling and licking Minako’s nipples, while the blonde settled down to torturing Mamoru with a will. Everytime Rei’s tongue flicked over a nipple, Minako moaned and squeezed Mamoru inside her. Mamoru, lost in the sensation moaned himself, and thrust his tongue deeper into Rei, who nipped at Minako.

Usagi watched the three of them as their pace became more frenetic, their sounds more urgent. Her own breathing was getting shorter, as she watched them approaching orgasm together. When they all came, a sound tore from her throat as if she, too, was coming with them.

Time slowed for them all. Rei pulled herself away from Minako and Mamoru and lay, panting, by Mamoru’s side. Minako, completely unself-consciously, rose, then stood at the end of the bed, shaking her hair out, looking directly at Usagi. Two sets of blue eyes locked, then drew closer. Usagi sat up, transfixed by Minako’s gaze. Mamoru could practically feel the intensity between them. It occurred to him how often Usagi would delay her own pleasure to make sure that he and Rei had had theirs. He was filled with a desire to love Usagi, to join with Minako and Rei in returning that pleasure.

Mamoru sat up and watched as Minako crawled onto the bed once more. Rei also, was sitting and now she moved forward, pulling Usagi’s head down into her lap, stroking her hair, kissing her face. Mamoru took Usagi’s hands in his own and kissed them, then handed them to Minako, who also kissed them as she lay above Usagi, then lowered herself slowly onto her. Grinding slowly above Usagi, Minako began to kiss her deeply. Mamoru was content to simply watch as the two women made much of the third.

Usagi’s eyes had closed, and her face was flushed with color. Rei continued to stroke Usagi’s hair as Minako rose, pulling away from Usagi. She gestured for Mamoru to take her place and sat herself next to Usagi, lightly stroking her arms, collarbone and neck.

As Mamoru leaned close, Usagi opened her eyes and smiled up at him. She lifted one hand to his lips, took his kiss and placed it upon her own lips. “Mamo-chan…” she sighed softly, as he entered her. Minako kissed him, then Usagi, then Rei and turned back to Usagi, laying her hands gently on her breasts. Rei leaned forward to kiss Mamoru as he slid deeper into Usagi, then kissed Usagi, as he began to move within her. Usagi’s mouth opened as she moaned, and Rei played her tongue around her teeth and lips.

Mamoru knew he would not be able to hold out long. He could feel Usagi tighten around him. Gritting his teeth, he forced himself to move slowly, maddeningly slowly, while Usagi’s moans became more insistent. Minako played with Usagi’s nipples, lazily rolling them between her fingers, as Rei continued to kiss and lick Usagi’s face.

Minako leaned close to Usagi’s ear and spoke, loud enough to be heard by Mamoru, but in a secretive tone of voice.

“Please Usagi-chan, please come for us. Come for all of us.”

With a half gasp, Usagi grabbed at Mamoru and pulled him closer. He grunted and slammed himself into her, feeling his orgasm rush upon him in a red-hot tide of pounding blood and raw nerve-endings. Usagi’s voice lifted in a muffled shriek and she thrashed below them, while Minako spoke to her, calling for her, asking her to come for them. Rei fastened her lips over Usagi’s mouth trapping her with her lips, sucking the very breath from her. Only one word was comprehensible among her inarticulate sounds… “Minna!” and then Usagi collapsed backwards into Rei’s lap, her chest heaving, her body covered in sweat, and a blissful smile upon her face.


The clock on the mantle chimed twice as they lay together in Mamoru’s bed, Minako and Usagi lay with legs entwined, Rei stroking Minako’s hair, while Mamoru had his arms wrapped around Usagi. They listened to the sound of the clock without comment, basking in the warmth of the intimacy of their bodies and minds.

Minako’s eyes were closed, but she wasn’t asleep. She was reliving the sensations of this evening and carefully placing them in her memory for future enjoyment. She pressed her head against Rei’s chest, and embraced both Usagi and Mamoru, smiling brightly.

Looking at Usagi’s form, Minako sighed happily. “This was a wonderful night. Thank you.”

Usagi’s eyes opened, her sapphire gaze sparkling with pleasure. She put her hand to Minako’s cheek.

“Thank you, Minako-chan, thank you for joining us tonight.” she winked at Rei, who had buried her face in Minako’s hair and was whispering something into her ear, which made Minako giggle. “Even if you never join us again, we’ll always remember tonight as something special.”

Minako kissed Usagi’s hand and glanced back at Rei, then to Mamoru, who’s eyes were drooping, but who was smiling happily. She laughed. “Well, I didn’t say I’d never join you again…” and grinning, she laid her head back on Rei, snuggled into her arms and allowed herself to fall asleep and to dream of her lovers of the past, present and future.


Author’s notes:

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