Red Senshi Diaries: The Prologue

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Bishoujou Senshi Sailor Moon : Red Senshi Diaries

by Adam Jones


Dear Red,

I’ve got a problem. It’s kind of hard to explain, but… Well, there’s
this guy, you see… gods, I didn’t think anyone was allowed to be so
damned gorgeous. He’s smart, handsome and totally and utterly crazy
about me, plus… ooh, I get goosebumps just thinking about him. You
might almost say we were destined to be together.

That’s not the problem, though. The thing is, there’s this girl…

I know what you must think of me, but… I just can’t help it. I can’t
explain it, but she just does something to me. If you saw her, though,
you’d understand – there’s something about her that makes me go weak at
the knees every time I look at her. Just sitting and writing this is
making me shiver all over…

But that’s not quite the problem either.

Ever since we met we’ve always been at each others’ throats. Maybe we
just rubbed each other up the wrong way, or something. I never quite
worked out why, and I don’t think she did either. Leastways, not until
a couple of days ago…

But I’m getting ahead of myself. I guess this won’t make much sense
unless I start at the beginning, will it?

It was about a week ago that it all started. I’d managed to persuade
Mamo-chan to take me on a little shopping trip, the sun was shining, his
arms were full of bags, and everything seemed right with the world. We
were walking slowly back towards his apartment, and I was taking the
time to put my arms around his waist and think a little. (It’d probably
surprise my friends to know that I can manage to walk and think at the
same time, but I’ve got no intention of telling them.)

Anyway, I was thinking about “us” – we’d just… well, let’s just say
that we’d been through a lot together. A lot. Things had finally
calmed down, and for the first time I was wondering what it was going to
be like to live together for the rest of our lives.

Much to my father’s disbelief, I’m sure, Mamoru had always been the
perfect gentleman towards me, but after all that had happened, I’d
finally decided that I wanted to take things further with him.

That and the thought of it had been keeping me awake at nights for

Much later, back in my own room, I wondered why I hadn’t just told him
earlier. The thought of spending the night with him had had me
shivering the whole time I was with him… but… when I kissed him
goodbye, I’d thought of her. Gods, I don’t think kissing anyone had
ever felt as incredible as that. I’m just glad I managed to stay on my
feet and get out of the door.

So there I was, totally stuck. I wanted him, but I… I wanted her as
well. How on earth was I meant to choose between them?

I’m glad nobody was around to see me just then, because I’m sure my
smile would have sent them running for the hills.

You see, I had a plan…

Chapter 1

The next day dawned bright and very, very early. I don’t think I got
much sleep at all that night (which was a shame, because I know for a
fact that I was enjoying my dreams), but after a long, hot soak in the
shower I was more than ready to face the world.

A quick trawl through my wardrobe turned up a short blue skirt and a
white cotton tie-under shirt that I’d never quite dared to wear. Well,
it was a day for first times… On second thoughts, I stuffed them
into a little shoulder-bag and slipped on a light floral summer dress
that I’d gotten for my birthday. I wanted my dad (and Luna) to let me
get out the door, after all.

After a nice, healthy breakfast I let myself out of the house and
started on my way. First things first: I needed a cover.

Thankfully Mako-chan’s house wasn’t very far away, so, after taking a
moment to put on my best innocent face, I knocked on her door. From the look she had on her face, anyone would’ve thought I’d never been seen in daylight before – so just to ease her nerves (and mine), I made sure to eat most of the wonderful fried breakfast she’d been cooking.

She was more than happy to let me “sleep over” at her house, although I
don’t think she bought my story about wanting to watch a late-night
movie. At least, she threatened to tell everyone if I failed to take
intricately detailed notes of the whole show…

Anyway, many winks, a few nudges and a whole lot of knowing glances
later I finally started out for Mamo-chan’s. I’m sure it would’ve had
Rei-chan reaching for the thermometer if I’d told her, but I was
actually starting to like the idea of long walks to give me time to
think things through (now that’s an excuse I wish I’d had a chance to

I was so nervous (sorry, Luna – “deep in thought”) that I walked right
past at least three sweet shops with barely a second glance (and two of
them selling candy-floss, no less). Once or twice I had to stop myself
from looking for the big flashing neon sign I was sure was a part of my
dress – it seemed like everyone was staring at me everywhere I went.
(Not that I don’t appreciate being stared at, but there’s a time and a
place – and that time and place was in Mamo-chan’s apartment and a
whole lot later…)

I wish Mamo-chan would get himself a flat on the ground floor – I’m sure
he lives up all those stairs just to tire me out. Of course, it did
give me time to think up a wonderful way of getting back at him, but
that was going to have to wait for a while.

Unlike Makoto, Mamoru isn’t much of a morning person – especially at the weekend – so I was treated to the sight of the most gorgeous man in the whole world looking distinctly bristly and sleepy in a bathrobe he’d
obviously just put on. Mmmm. Well, he’d just missed out on a good-
morning kiss, that was for sure…

He perked up considerably when he saw me, and even had the grace to look embarrassed once he’d picked his jaw up from the floor (you’d think I’d turned into a vampire or something, the way everyone was acting!).
A few remarks about sandpaper and the kissability thereof soon sent him
scrambling for the bathroom, leaving me alone and in a mood to cause

First off, a quick scouting mission (in my rush to get there I’d somehow
managed to forget my keys. I can’t think what could have distracted
me…) And where better to start than the bedroom? Not that I hadn’t
seen it before on more than one quite entertaining occasion, but it
never hurt to be sure… A little hunt through his drawers eventually
turned up a spare set of keys, despite my being distracted by some
rather interesting manga hidden in the sock drawer. (Naughty Mamo-chan! And I’ve never called myself “Warrior of Pleasure” in my life, whatever certain artists might like to think…)

The living room: a range of soft furnishings, all ripe with romantic
possibilities; candles; matches; videos; some other videos…
(Amazing what I get up to inbetween fighting evil, isn’t it?)

And finally, vying for first place in my affections, the kitchen!
Sadly, the contents of Mamo-chan’s fridge lived to fight another day,
because he chose that moment to emerge from the bathroom, now looking
markedly more gorgeous than before.

I made sure to let him know with a quick kiss on the lips, which very
quickly became much longer and much more fun… at least until said
gorgeous, shower-fresh man, doubtless haunted by the spirits of vengeful
fathers everywhere, decided to pull my hands out of his robe. Oh well.

I let go reluctantly, giving a quick, innocent, what-on-earth-were-you-
two-doing look at my hands for the sake of appearances as Mamo-chan went to find some clothes. And I was, of course, very careful not to look
when he accidentally left his bedroom door open.

Breakfast was, much to Mamoru’s surprise, a rather quiet affair. I
was too nervous to feel much like eating (which really should have given
him the hint that I was up to something), but for the sake of
appearances I made sure to divide my longing glances between Mamo-chan and his food.

“So, Usako, what do you want to do today?” he asked.

To lock the two of us into his bedroom and… “I was thinking maybe we
could have a picnic in the park, and then–”

“Sure. I knew there was a reason you skipped breakfast.” He poked me
lightly in the ribs, making me giggle. “I’m sure I can find a big
enough basket somewhere…”

“Hey!” I yelled, leaping into his arms and tickling him mercilessly. He
dropped helplessly to the floor beneath me, laughing as he tried to
shake me off. I wasn’t going to let him go that easily, though.

“Say you’re sorry.”

“N– Never!” he gasped, trying to catch his breath as he managed to get
one arm free.

“Say it!”

He slipped his hand along my side, smirking as he began to tickle my
ribs. “Nope.”

I squealed in surprise as he suddenly flipped me over, pinning me
underneath him with my wrists in his hands. He smiled down at me, his
face barely and inch above mine.

“Now who’s going to apologise?” he asked.

Well, there was only one thing to do… I leaned up and kissed him,
pulling him down to the floor as he moved to cradle my head in his

We lay there for what felt like hours, just… exploring. Playing
little games with each other, running my hands over his chest as he
toyed with my hair. Despite the hard floor I felt wonderfully relaxed,
all warm inside, with just that shivery little edge of tension I always
felt when he was with me.

All my doubts just seemed to drift away when he touched me. I finally
realised just why I was there in the first place… As we broke apart
to catch our breath, I opened my eyes and gave him a little smile.

“Mamo-chan… I’m hungry. I hope you haven’t forgotten my picnic.” I

That did it. He gave me a funny, puzzled little look and then just
dissolved with laughter, falling off me with a thump. He looked over at
me, trying hard to breathe.

“U– Usa…ko… how… how do you do that?” he gasped.

I just smiled and gave him a tiny kiss on the cheek before heading for
the fridge.

By the time we finally got outside it was almost midday. We walked hand
in hand through the park, making our way slowly around the crowds of
people who had turned out to enjoy the sunshine.

Eventually, though, we managed to find a spot under the trees where we
could sit down. Mamo-chan put the basket down on the grass, and I lay
down next to him for a while, watching the people bathing in the lake
and Mamoru’s attempts to ignore the couple kissing in the bushes behind

I guess I must have fallen asleep for a while, because the next thing I
remember is opening my eyes to find Mamo-chan dangling a fried shrimp
under my nose. Well, since he was offering… I made a bite for it,
only to have him pull it back just out of reach.

I gave him a nasty look. He was going to pay for this… I took
another bite and ended up falling into his lap, my lunch dancing before
my eyes. (Not that I’d normally object, you understand, but standing
between me and my lunch is not a way to win any favours, Mr Chiba.)

I waited there for a moment, growling playfully at him before making one
last grab and catching the tips of his fingers in my mouth. Time for a
little revenge… I chewed delicately at the shrimp, swallowing
pointedly before running my tongue around his fingertips, up and down
the length of his middle finger before kissing the tip lightly and then
licking my lips with a smile. (For some reason, Mamo-chan suddenly
seemed distinctly uncomfortable. It was probably just the heat.)

Suitably chastened, Mamo-chan reached into the basket behind him and
pulled out several trays of food. He picked up a tuna roll and slipped
it into my mouth, careful to let me catch it this time. Still chewing,
I indicated to him via a complicated series of hand gestures that, from
the point of view of his health, continuing would be a good idea.

(Hell, for food that nice I was even prepared to ignore his remarks
about baby seals and buckets of fish. For a while, anyway.)

As much as I love him, Mamo-chan can still be a bit dense at times. He
actually looked surprised when he found that I’d finished everything in
the basket. (What can I say? All that walking made me hungry.)

He smiled ruefully. “Sorry, Usako… I think that’s it.”

Oh well. I gave him a quick kiss on the lips, hoping that nobody was
watching, and then snuggled contentedly into his arms for a rest.
(Eating is tiring work! Well, that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.)

“Although”, he whispered, “I might just have something else for you…”

I opened my eyes lazily and looked down to find that he’d managed to
produce a small box of sweet-bean buns from somewhere. I bit into one
with a blissful sigh, deciding on the spot that a certain person was
definitely going to be in for a treat later.

He wrapped an arm around me and smiled, the sunlight shining in his
hair. I looked up at him again with a mischievous smile, dipping my
tongue into the middle of the bun and then slowly licking out the
filling. From the look on his face, you’d almost have thought
he was thinking of something else…

(I can’t remember exactly where I learnt that little trick, but… No,
in fact I’m sure it was Ami-chan, of all people, when we were having
dinner over at Mako-chan’s late one night. You know, sometimes I
really wonder about that girl…)

Afterwards we spent a pleasant hour or so just soaking up the sun,
watching the people walking by and listening to the little kids shouting
down by the lake. On the far side I could just make out a couple of
small boats drifting on the water; it looked like a wonderful way to
cool down, just sitting in the breeze and– in fact…

“Mamo-chan” I murmured, “can we go out on a boat?”

He looked uncertain. (Anyone would think he was was worried by the
prospect of me in a rowboat! I mean, what could I possibly do?)


“Well… okay, then” he smiled. “Looks like I’m going to get to work
off that lunch after all…”

The lake itself was wonderful… I just lay back in the boat, trailing
my hands in the cold water, listening to the waves slapping against the
sides. A few ducks swam over to investigate on the off-chance that we
had boxes of breadcrumbs hidden somewhere onboard. I tried to stroke
one, but it flew off, almost tipping me out of the boat. Luckily
Mamo-chan was quick off the mark and managed to grab my arm and haul me back inside.

“Gods, Usagi, don’t–”

He wound up to give me a brief lecture on nautical safety, before being
interrupted by a familiar voice from across the lake.

“Hey, Odango-atama!”

Oh no…

With a burst of effort Haruka pulled her boat alongside, grinning at me
with a twinkle in her eyes.

“So, Usagi, what are you and Mamoru doing out here all alone?”

In the back of the boat Michiru smiled faintly and tried to pretend she
was on another planet.

“Watch you don’t capsize the boat – you’ll scare the fish.”

Mamo-chan tried to seize the initiative and protest his innocence
regarding any and all matters related to me, boats and rolling around,
but didn’t get very far, because I chose that moment to fling a double-
handful of water at the smirking soldier of Uranus.

She ducked, laughing delightedly as Michiru got a faceful of water.


Note to self: Never, ever get into a splash-fight with a water-senshi.

Needless to say, by the time we got to the shore we were all soaked to
the skin and laughing so much we could hardly walk. Well, two of us
were, anyway…

I politely declined Haruka’s offer to towel me dry (one of these days I
really ought to say “yes”, just to see the look on her face…), then
watched, giggling as Michiru dragged her away by the ear.

I waved goodbye cheerfully, then turned back to my distinctly sodden
boyfriend. I guess we were lucky it was sunny…

Several damp hours of sunbathing (and trying not to make it obvious just
how transparent Mamo-chan’s shirt had become) later, we were both
finally dry enough to get going. After all, I still had at least one
more stop on my list.

“Mamo-chan” I asked, “can we go to the mall, please? I’ve got to buy
some things and I really need your help.”

“On one condition: I am not going to end up buying the entire candy
store again, okay?”

“Oh, don’t worry… no candy. I promise.” There was no need to be so
dramatic about it. It wasn’t a whole candy store – just quite a bit
of one.

The mall itself was air-conditioned, a blissful change from the
smothering warmth of the evening. Sadly it was too crowded for me to
get away with much more than leading Mamo-chan by the hand as we made our way between the shops. I just had to hope he’d remain clueless for long enough for me to find the right shop… ah, there.

I walked inside, only noticing at the last moment that I was suddenly
missing one important accessory.

I went back outside, looking slightly peeved, and proceeded to drag him
into the shop. Damn the man, you’d think he had a mortal fear of
lingerie… (Well, that was one habit I was definitely going to have
to break him of!)

“Usako” he whispered “why do you need me here?”

“Well who else is supposed to tell me what looks good on me?”

“Couldn’t you just come here with your friends?” he pleaded.

“Mamo-chan” I retorted, “if you think I’m planning on letting any of
them in on this you’ve got another thing coming.” Although actually,
now that he mentioned it, it did sound like fun…

He gave a slightly resigned sigh and decided that he clearly wasn’t
going to be escaping this time. Not if I had my way, he wasn’t.

I took my time wandering around the place, gathering ideas (and
incidentally letting Mamo-chan’s blood pressure rise just a little)
before finally settling on a few rather lovely pieces in black silk.
I think by that point poor Mamo-chan had just about stopped breathing,
so I left him in the middle of the store whilst I headed for the
changing room.

To my surprise, most of the things I’d picked actually fit me quite
well. After a few quick changes I managed to settle on one set that
felt almost shockingly revealing, but just looked… well, it was up to
Mamo-chan to say how they looked.

I poked my head around the curtain, doing a quick check of the store.
The assistant was nowhere in sight, and Mamoru was standing idly in the
middle of the shop trying hard to pretend that he wasn’t looking
anywhere at all. And especially not at some of the more… interesting

“Mamo-chan!” I whispered.

He looked confused for a moment, before finally spotting me. “Usako!”
He sounded almost scandalised.

“Come here.”

“What?” Now he really did look shocked.

“I said ‘come here’, Mamo-chan. I need your help.”

He glanced hurriedly around the shop, trying to make sure nobody was
watching, before walking a bit closer.


He finally managed to make his mind up and came to stand just outside
the curtain. I pulled it back slightly and grabbed his arm.

“Come in here, silly. I want you to tell me how I look.”

I dragged him inside before he could protest, and quickly slid the
curtain closed behind him. He just looked at me speechlessly, giving up
any pretense that he wasn’t staring. I think that was probably a
positive reaction…

“So… do you like it?” I asked.

I didn’t wait for him to try and answer, and just pulled myself into his
arms, pressing tightly against him. Yes, definitely a positive
reaction. I grabbed his head an pulled him down for a kiss that left my
whole body shivering. I was tempted just to tear his clothes off right
there, but… well, this was for those stairs.

I pulled away and shoved him quickly outside, taking a minute to catch
my breath after the curtain closed. I fumbled with the garter for a
minute, before pulling off the bra and panties excruciatingly slowly,
trying very hard not to touch any part of myself as I did so, otherwise
I think I might’ve gotten into real trouble…

I was just about to put my own clothes back on, when I suddenly had a
much better idea. I grabbed the shirt and mini-skirt from my bag and
quickly slipped them on, stuffing the rest of my clothes back in their

I think both Mamo-chan and the sales assistant were quite surprised to
see me when I stepped out, but neither of them actually managed to work
up the nerve to say anything. I fumbled in my bag for a bit before
eventually coming up with the right amount of money to pay for my new
outfit. Far too much, really, but I had a feeling it was going to be
worth it anyway…

I don’t think Mamo-chan actually managed to say anything to me in the
time it took us to get outside. In fact, he seemed distinctly
preoccupied with my change of clothes. (Okay, so maybe that shirt was
just a little too revealing…)

The sun was just starting to dip below the tops of the buildings, and
the light was a beatiful rose-coloured glow in the air. I looked up
longingly into Mamo-chan’s eyes and watched as he tried hard not to
touch me. Everything seemed to be going according to plan… it was
time for a little more fun.

“Oh hell! Mum’s gonna kill me!” I made a show of looking at my watch,
just to emphasise the point. “I’ll see you later…” I dashed off,
leaving him staring in my wake.

Now – as anyone who’s seen me trying to get to class on time in the
mornings will tell you – I can be fairly quick on my feet, but there are
times when being one of the Sailor Senshi can be a real advantage…
I made it to his apartment in no time, remembering at the last second to
change back behind the garbage cans in case anyone was watching.

I ran up the stairs and let myself in with the key I’d taken earlier,
making sure to lock the door behind me. I figured I had at least half
an hour before Mamo-chan made it back. Time to get things ready.

A few strategically placed candles improved things no end, so I went
into the bathroom to make sure I looked right as well. The one problem
with that top – I could see I was blushing right down to my chest. That
was the least of my worries though – my hands were shaking so much I
could barely manage to comb my hair.

Finally I remembered to put the keys back where I’d found them, before
dropping onto the sofa with my hands around my knees. My legs were
shivering so much I was amazed I’d managed to walk that far. It was
just the strangest feeling – almost like stage fright, but… different.
Cold and hot at the same time. My shirt felt too tight. I tugged at it
a little, brushing one hand across my breast as I did so, and almost
fell off the chair. Gods, I don’t think I’d ever been turned on like
that before…

Fortunately the sound of footsteps on the stairs stopped me before I
could get myself into any more trouble. I ran across to hide behind the
door, trying hard not to breathe as Mamoru fiddled with the lock. It
seemed like forever before he finally managed to open it, and I heard
him gasp as he stepped inside.

I pushed the door closed and tiptoed up behind him.

“Surprise” I whispered, taking the chance to nibble on his ear a little
while I was there.

He dropped the basket with a loud clatter as the door clicked shut. I
thought for a moment that he was about to have a heart attack, but then
he grabbed my wrist and spun round to look at me.


Well who else was it going to be? From that point I was just in
freefall – I had absolutely no idea what to do. So I kissed him. Hard.
He seemed to want to say something for a moment, but quickly gave up on that idea and started kissing me back. I think my legs practically
melted from under me…

Mamo-chan slipped one arm around my waist, just in time to stop me from falling flat on the floor in front of him. His fingers were so
wonderfully warm… Just to make sure he wasn’t getting any funny ideas
about leaving, I made sure to pull myself a little closer, wrapping one
leg behind him and pressing up against his hips.

By that point, though, I don’t think he had any intention of trying to
get away. He started to slide one hand up my leg, kissing his way down
my throat as he did so. By the time he reached my chest I was so dizzy
I wondered if my head was going to fall off. Then his questing hand
discovered that, amid all the confusion in that changing room, I’d
somehow forgotten to actually wear any of my nice new lingerie.
Whoops. How silly of me…

He looked up at me in surprise. I’m sure I tried to smile, but I was
far too busy trying to keep breathing to have any idea if he’d noticed.
Maybe he did… he gave me a sly little grin in response, and pushed me
gently back against the door, freeing his hand to play with my shirt.

His fingers started tracing little circles across my breasts, never
quite touching me the way I wanted. I could barely speak, but I was so
close to begging him to just touch me when he finally decided to stop
teasing. The knot in my shirt just fell apart in his hand, the fabric
drifting maddeningly across my nipples as he kissed lower and lower

Beneath my skirt, he traced his fingers along my lips, slipping them
inside ever so slightly as he ran his tongue across my breast. On
instinct alone I thrust my hips towards him, desperate for release, and
screamed as I collapsed against him, light flashing through my body
and behind my eyes.

He kissed me softly on the forehead as I lay in his arms, letting me
catch my breath. After a little while he started to walk me slowly
across the room, half-carrying me when I almost fell over.

Eventually I managed to open my eyes again, and just stared up at him,
smiling. He leant down to kiss me again, and I was about to meet him
when I decided on a better idea, running my hand over the bulge in his

He gasped slightly as I started to play with the button of his trousers,
then gripped my wrists in one hand and pushed me gently away.

“Oh no…” he smiled, “not yet you don’t.”

Without warning he spun me around with his other hand, pressing me down as I fell off balance. I made a grab for the back of the sofa, just
managing to catch myself in time. Meanwhile I felt him press himself
close behind me, running one hand over my stomach and toying with the
waistband of my skirt.

I tried to ask a question, partly nervous and partly shocked by the
delicious feel of his fingers on my skin, but the words didn’t seem to
want to come out right.

There was a soft rustle behind me as his clothes dropped to the floor
and then I gasped out loud as I felt him press between my legs. He ran
one hand across my breast as he started to slide his length slowly along
my lips. I tried to breathe and found myself gasping his name every
time… it was the most incredible feeling… almost like touching
myself, but different and so nice. I could feel myself shivering all
over as I started to press back against him, hot and cold and warm, like
the most incredible kiss I’d ever had.

He pulled back again, and then pushed softly between my lips. I
stopped, motionless. It was the strangest sensation… almost nice and
then he was pressing forwards again, deeper and deeper for what seemed
like forever, and it was so wonderful and–

I hadn’t expected it to hurt so much… I choked back a sob, trying
hard not to cry, feeling like something was tearing me apart from inside
as he pushed into me again and again. But just on the edge of feeling,
there was just the tiniest bit of what I had felt at first. I barely
noticed that I was crying his name at the top of my voice, writhing
against his hands. My whole body felt as though it was trying to wrap
itself around the sensation… around him… held… and broke, washing
over me like waves that went on forever…

At the last moment he pushed into me again, harder than before, yelling
my name as warmth exploded inside of me, and one final wave crashed
through me, leaving me shivering and breathless with exhaustion.

Needless to say, neither of us got much sleep that night…

The next morning came far too soon for my liking (unlike Mamo-chan,
who– but you really don’t want to know that, do you?) and I staggered
home in a daze, praying that I wouldn’t have to explain the way I
looked. (Mainly because the best excuse I’d been able to come up with
was that I’d been attacked by a bunch of alien hedge-monsters…)

The worst thing was, I’d forgotten to take a pen – Mako-chan was going
to kill me…

Chapter 2

Fortunately for me, nobody was around when I finally got home – which
was a stroke of luck in itself, because I certainly hadn’t been thinking
about where I was going…

I shut the door gratefully, my whole body feeling hot and tired, my skin
tingling. (I think somebody must have left the heating on – I’m sure
it’s not usually that warm in our house.)

An effort of will saw me safely up the stairs and into the bathroom for
a quick shower, which soon became a long shower, which… well, ended up as a very long shower indeed. (On reflection, perhaps I should’ve used
cold water…)

Anyway, I eventually emerged, feeling much more human and a whole lot
more awake. I dumped my old clothes in the wash and put on a light
cotton sundress, before ransacking the kitchen in the name of breakfast.
There was a message from Rei-chan on the answerphone, inviting me over
for a meeting that I was probably already late for. Oh, the stressful
life of a superheroine…

As ever, I made it to the temple at an almost record-breaking pace,
nearly slamming into Mina and Mako-chan halfway up the stairs.

Makoto gave me a sly smile. “Somebody’s enthusiastic today,

Minako was smirking, which is always a sure sign of trouble… She gave
Mako-chan a quick wink before attacking.

“So, Usagi… did you you enjoy the film?”

I gave Mako-chan a stare that would’ve killed a small army. Of course,
she just put on an innocent little smile and whistled nonchalantly,
leaving me to the ravening one-woman horde.

Oh well – if you can’t beat them…

“Well, the plot wasn’t much, but the lead was just… mmmmm…” I
clutched my hands to my chest, treating her to a blush and a little

“Oh? I hope it wasn’t too long.”

I just stopped, staring at her, trying desperately to grab my jaw from
the floor.

“You what? Mina-chan, how cou–”

“The film, Usagi-chan.” She smiled evilly. “Why, what were
you thinking of?”

Damn her…

Luckily for me, we reached the top of the stairs before I managed to go
beyond merely mortified. Rei-chan waved us over to the veranda, giving
a quick prod to Ami-chan, who was sat next to her with her face hidden
by a magazine.

Talk thankfully stayed well clear of film studies, and we sat around and
chatted happily about our plans for the last few days of the holidays.
I soon suggested that we all spend as much time as possible on the
beach (a decision which was, I’d like to make it clear, in no way
influenced by the ready availability of ice-cream).

“Actually, Usagi-chan, that’s why I asked you here… a friend of mine
from school is having a huge pool party at her house, and you’re all
invited – so who’s coming?”

Ami looked at her uncertainly. “Rei-chan, I…”

“Come on! It’ll be fun! And there’ll be loads of cute guys there.”

Right then I’d have sworn I saw Minako’s ears prick up.

Makoto coughed uncomfortably. “Gomen ne, Rei-chan. I can’t make it…
I’ve still got to do an essay project for my history teacher, and I’ve
only really got this week left.”

Minako looked at her, shocked. “Gods, Mako-chan – that took me weeks! And you haven’t even started it?”

Makoto looked at her dejectedly. “I know… sorry.”

“It’s okay.” Ami-chan struck in, giving Makoto a shy smile that seemed
to cheer her up immensely. “I promised I’d help, but… I guess that
means I can’t come either.”

Rei sighed a little. “Oh well. So, Mina-chan? Usagi-chan?”

Minako grinned at her. “How many cute guys, did you say?”

Saturday dawned not a moment too soon, the sunlight almost painfully
bright between the curtains. I’d hardly been able to sleep the night
before, and I woke up almost trembling with excitement. I barely even
managed to eat breakfast, my stomach was so tight. (It didn’t help that
I spent the whole time terrified that everyone could see just what I’d
been dreaming about all night. I was blushing right down to my waist
just thinking about it…)

After a quick (and extremely cold) shower, I managed to calm down
enough to start packing my things. A little blue two-piece swimsuit, a
short black cocktail dress and, after a little hesitation, the set of
lingerie I’d picked up a few days before. (I was more than half tempted
to go without, but it would’ve been a shame to waste them.) I stuffed
everything as tightly as I could into a little shoulder-bag, then headed
downstairs to negotiate the traditional parental inquisition. (Wouldn’t
they just love to know what I really get up to?)

Hours later (well, maybe not, but it certainly felt like it), and much
to my surprise (and, from the looks on their faces, even more to
everbody else’s), I actually got to the station on time.

Minako spotted me first and gave me an enthusiastic wave from across the platform, whilst Rei stood nearby and pretended not to notice. Mina had settled on a loose green t-shirt and light cotton trousers that whipped
around her ankles in the breeze. Rei-chan… oh gods, just looking at
her made me instantly remember every last little detail from my dreams.
I probably almost walked off the edge of the platform.

She was wearing a thin white blouse that hinted far too much at what was
underneath, and a short crimson skirt that should have been illegal.
(Well, at that moment if she’d so much as touched me I think it would’ve
gotten me arrested…) I dropped my bag next to theirs and tried very
hard to breathe until the train arrived.

Luckily for us it was fairly late in the morning, so we managed to find
ourselves a couple of seats in the corner of a carriage. Rei swung our
bags onto the overhead racks (I still can’t reach the darned things…)
and sat down by the window, whilst Mina and I took the seats opposite.

We soon got to talking, as the city and the countryside began to flash
past outside the window. Rei-chan started to tell us where exactly we
were going, and I tried hard not to stare. I was so distracted that I
almost forgot just who was supposed to be seducing who…

That little thought brought me crashing back to earth for a moment.
What if she really didn’t want me… What if I was wrong? Gods, what
would everyone think of me? There was only one way to find out.

I waited until Minako started talking before I tried to attract Rei’s
attention. She met my gaze with a strange little look on her face, as
though she wasn’t really paying that much attention either. I gave her
a cute smile and crossed my legs very slowly in front of her.

That did it…

I pretended not to notice the look that flickered across her face, and
just smiled quietly to myself. Minako was just finishing, and when she
asked a question Rei practically jumped out of her seat in shock.

“Sorry, Mina-chan – I was miles away.” She blushed a little, and it
made my skin tingle. “What was that again?”

If I had my way she was going to find out exactly why she’d been
keeping me awake at nights all week.

We got off the train a little while later, and began to follow Rei’s
lead through the outskirts of a small town. The road quickly turned
uphill, and it wasn’t long before we found ourselves outside what had to
be the biggest mansion I’d ever seen in my entire life. I’ve stayed in
smaller hotels!

“Rei-chan”, I whispered, “are you sure this is the right place?”

She just smiled and walked in, the huge ornamental gates swinging open
in front of us. Mina and I just stared in awe. At least, we did until
we noticed that Rei had almost disappeared out of sight around a bend in
the drive, at which point we started running. There were probably lost
tribes of headhunters lurking in the rose garden.

We caught up with her just outside the front door, just in time to be
greeted by a cheerful young girl of about my age, with short brown hair
that bounced around her shoulders.

“Rei-chan! You made it!”
“Of course! I wasn’t going to miss this, was I?”

The two of them shared a quick hug before she turned to the two of us.

“Who’re your friends?”
“Oh! Mari-chan, this is Minako” who proceeded to give her a huge smile
“and Usagi”. Rei bent down and whispered something for a moment, which set both of them giggling, before turning back to us.

“Mina-chan, Usagi-chan, this is Mariko. She just came into my class
this year. This is her parents’ house.”

Mariko waved us inside, showing us where to leave our shoes before
leading us upstairs.

“You’re quite early, actually, so you’re in luck – if you want, you can
drop your bags in one of the bedrooms”, she pushed open a door for us,
showing us inside, “and I’ll show you around.”

The bedroom was at least as large as mine, with a huge double bed in the
middle which looked as though nobody had ever even slept in it. We
quickly dumped our bags on top, and then we were off again, past
bathrooms and dining rooms and drawing rooms and ballrooms and…

“How on earth do you remember all of this?” Minako asked. “I don’t
think I’d even know where to start!”

“Oh, it’s not too hard.” Mariko smiled, her eyes twinkling. “Although
we never did find my grandmother…”

Minako stared at her in shock for a moment, before all four of us burst
out laughing.

Across the next room, Mariko pointed out through a vast row of patio
doors. “The pool’s out there, and–” The doorbell clanged loudly,
sounding as though it could shatter windows. “Oh! I’d better go… if
you all go and get changed, I’ll see you out by the pool.” She turned
and dashed off, smiling happily.

After a few wrong turns we managed to find our way back to the bedroom and started undressing. I took my dress off in the corner, trying very hard not to stare at Rei’s reflection in the mirror. I don’t think I
managed very well, though, because by the time I had my swimsuit on I
was blushing all over…

I turned around to find the others waiting for me, towels in hand.
Rei-chan was wearing a beautiful black costume which showed her off far
too well for my comfort, and Mina was wearing a lovely pale yellow
one-piece suit which clung to her like a second skin. I had the feeling
there were going to be some very happy spectators out by the poolside.

We made our way back down towards the garden, which somehow managed to seem even bigger than ever. People were milling around the poolsides, mostly just relaxing in the sunshine as we approached. Somebody soon waved Rei away to join them, and Minako and I took up the task of finding the best two sun-loungers in the place. In no time at all we were both lying flat on our backs, basking in the wonderful warmth of
the afternoon.

I soon spotted Rei-chan, sat on the other side of the pool and chatting
obliviously with a couple of her schoolfriends, looking just unbearably
gorgeous in her bikini. Not one to complain, I settled in for a
pleasant afternoon’s surreptitious staring…

After what felt like about a week, I was startled out of some rather
nice daydreams by a sharp poke to my ribs.

“What’cha looking at, Usagi-chan?”

Minako was staring down at me with a nasty little smile on her face.
I think even my toes blushed… (That girl just knows way too much!)
Before she could spot exactly how guilty I obviously was, I managed to
pick out one of the boys at random and do a very conspicuous job of

“Isn’t he just dreamy?” (I wouldn’t know – I hadn’t even looked…)

“Mouu, Usagi! Don’t you have films to be watching?”

Well, after that I did the only thing I could – I threw Mina-chan into
the pool, smirk and all. That certainly distracted her.

Unfortunately, before I could congratulate myself, I (and just about
everyone nearby) got drowned under a veritable tidal wave from pool.

The splash-fight that followed was really quite something to see…

All I’ll say is that it certainly wasn’t me that threw all that water
at Rei-chan, whatever she says. (And however good she may be with a
fire, that girl is outright scary with water – Michiru would’ve been

Still, things eventually calmed down enough for everyone to actually
swim a bit (although I’d swear that the pool was a lot shallower…)
Well, it wasn’t as if anyone had a dry towel by that point.

I just lay back and drifted for a bit, enjoying the feeling of the water
lapping over my skin. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something flash
past beneath me, and turned to see Minako trying to tag another girl
under the water, her long hair trailing in her wake.

I was just starting to get an nice idea when she suddenly grabbed my leg
and dragged me under, kicking and sputtering.

“You’re it” she mouthed, pointing, before darting off with a satisfied

Well, I couldn’t let her get away with that, could I? I swam after her
as fast as I could, chasing her into the crowd of people in the shallow
end and knocking several people’s legs out from under them before I
finally cornered her.

I grabbed her, giving a little yelp of delight before turning around to
escape and almost crashing straight into Rei. On impulse I ducked under
the water and dove between her legs, my hair trailing past the insides
of her thighs as I popped up behind her.

Minako stood in front of her, grinning wildly as she tried to guess
which way I was about to go. I just stood, waiting for Rei-chan to yell
at me, but… she just stood there with her hands clenched, trembling a
little. Sadly, before I had a chance to enjoy the moment, Minako made
up her mind and leapt, shouldering her out of the way as we fled across
the pool.

The sun was starting to dip between the treetops before I managed to get
away again, leaving Minako chasing a boy who, for some reason, seemed
rather willing to get caught…

Rei-chan gave me a little smile when she saw me, turning away from the
girl she was talking to with a wave.

“Hey, Usagi. I’m gonna go and get changed – the dance is starting in a
bit. You coming?”

With any luck… (and I was quite looking forward to dancing, too)

“You know how long that ridiculous hair of yours takes to dry.”
“Rei-chan!” I growled “Stop–”

“–picking on meeeee!” she retorted, mimicking me far too well.

She hauled herself out of the pool with a grin, the sunlight gleaming on
her wet skin as she reached out a hand for me.

“Come on. And do try not to get lost…”

Much to my surprise (and to Rei’s too, although she’d never admit it) we
didn’t, and we got back to find Minako’s costume in a heap on the floor,
her dress already taken. (And she calls me enthusiastic…)

I undid my hair, shaking it down my back until it dangled wetly down my
legs. I was just about to start drying it when Rei got there first,
making me gasp a little in surprise.

“Let me, silly” she whispered, rubbing it down softly with her towel.
Her breath was shockingly warm against my neck, and I found myself
drifting away in her hands, almost purring with delight as she began to
run a fine brush through my hair in long, slow strokes.

It felt like forever before she finished, and I couldn’t help but sigh a
little with the loss as I opened my eyes. She gave me a shy smile that
almost made my knees tremble as she handed me the brush.

“My turn.”

I waited until she had turned around before I took her hair in my hands,
grateful that she couldn’t see the look on my face. I dried it down
gently, patting away the few drops of water that still clung to her and
trying desperately to control my breathing. Fine, dark strands slid
through my hands like black velvet as I combed it out, shivering at the
little catch in her breath as I did so.

All too soon, though, I had to stop, letting go reluctantly as I went to
pick out my clothes. One look in my bag, however, soon reminded me that there was a lot of fun still left to have…

I slipped out of my damp bikini, making sure to take rather more time
than was strictly necessary as I pulled my stockings on, one by one, the
black silk feeling wonderful against my skin. My hair cascaded down
around my head, and I took a quick peek between my legs as I leant down, to see Rei-chan standing there, gorgeously naked and trying hard not to look. I wasn’t going to let her get away lightly. Not now.

I stepped carefully into the slip, feeling as though it was worth every
last penny as I fumbled with the garter. Finally I forced myself to
stand up, tossing my hair back behind me as I fastened the bra around my

Last, but hopefully not least, I pulled on my dress, wrestling my way
into the shoulder straps before struggling to free my hair from inside.
I jumped in shock as I felt warm hands against my back, pushing my hair
aside as they did up the zip.

“Rei-chan! You–” I turned around, guiltily.


She was standing close behind me, dressed in a chinese-style silk dress,
deepest midnight purple, with a collar that clung tightly around her
throat and a skirt that seemed to be split up to her waist. It took all
my willpower not to just throw her down on the bed right there and then.

“You… wow…” I gasped, utterly lost.

She trailed a finger along my cheek, her eyes sparkling.

“You don’t look too bad yourself, Usagi-chan” she smiled. “Now, let’s
get down there and enjoy the party, ne?”

She opened the door to leave, jumping in surprise as she almost walked
into Minako, who blushed madly before dashing inside to fetch something
out of her bag.

“Come on, you two!” She was practically bouncing with excitement,
dragging us both out of the door before we could even start to protest.

The party itself was amazing; the house was packed with people, filling
the dance floor and spilling out into the garden. The air was almost
breathlessly hot, humming with music and hundreds of voices.

As always, Mina had clearly come with a plan prepared, so I was quickly
whisked off into crowds of utterly gorgeous guys. Needless to say, we
soon had something of a following. (It wasn’t exactly what I’d had in
mind, but… well, distractions like that I wasn’t going to complain

A while later (well, I had to make sure that I wasn’t interested, didn’t
I?) I finally managed to slip away, a crowd of eyes following me around
the room. After a bit of hunting I eventually spotted Rei standing at
the edge of the dance floor, watching distractedly.

Seeing her standing there gave me an idea…

“Ne, Rei-chan… let’s give everyone a show” I whispered, creeping up
behind her, making sure I was still being watched.

She jumped, and I’d swear she looked slightly guilty for a moment.
“Usagi! What’re you–?”

Before she had a chance to get properly angry at me, I grabbed her hand
and yanked her onto the dance floor, almost falling over with the
effort. (I’ll never know how she manages to fight in heels – I have
enough trouble standing up!)

In a reflex undoubtedly born from years of practice, Rei managed to save
me from the evil machinations my feet, and I found myself in the rather
enviable position of having both her arms around my waist. (What can I
say? I’m just naturally clumsy…)

Never one to waste an opportunity, I quickly returned the favour,
pulling myself towards her until our noses almost touched (and, purely
by accident of course, brushing against her legs a little).

I smiled up at her apologetically. “Sorry…”

It seemed to take her eyes a few seconds to focus before she finally
managed a reply. “Come on then.” She sighed pointedly, slipping one
arm around my shoulder and drawing us into a lazy spin.

Her dress felt like warm ice against my skin as we danced, closer and
closer and slipping away again, every little touch making me shiver.
The scent of her skin seemed to float around me as I moved, the faint
tang of woodsmoke and the tiniest hint of jasmine.

With a gentle push she sent me spinning into a pirouette, held together
by nothing more than our fingertips. I let myself go, feeling
wonderfully dizzy, letting my hair trail around behind me, brushing it
across her legs.

The music seemed to be getting faster and faster, and I’m sure I heard
Rei gasp as she pulled my hips tightly against her, dropping me back
into a deep dip as the song reached its climax.

I lay there for a moment, motionless, staring into her beautiful eyes,
hardly even able to breathe. Gods, I wanted so much to kiss her…
but that was for later. I gave her a quick smile, and then we were away
again, the rhythm pressing us tightly together.

A sudden burst of sound and I was sliding away from her, running my
hands all around her, barely touching. She closed her eyes, writhing
towards my fingers, giving a tiny little sigh that seemed somehow louder
than every other voice in the room.

Another rapid crescendo and the music changed again, leaving me standing right behind her, my arms at her sides. Rei-chan had her hands on my hips, and looked utterly lost in her own little world. I slipped my
hands lower as she danced, her dress sliding through my fingers, and…
well, I couldn’t resist one more little tease, giving her ass a quick
squeeze as I passed.

I heard her gasp slightly, and then she just… stopped, spinning round
to stare at me, her eyes flaring. “You…” she hissed.

Oops… I guess that was once too many…

I gave her my best look of startled innocence, feeling like I was stuck
in the headlights of an oncoming car.

“Upstairs. Now.”

She grabbed my hands and literally dragged me from the dancefloor, my
heart pounding madly. I don’t think my feet even touched the stairs

It was all I could do to keep up with her as she pulled me along the
corridor, flinging open a door at random and shoving me inside.

…which was something of a shock to the couple on the bed.

Blushing furiously, she dragged me out as fast as she could and grabbed
desperately for the next door along. Which, of course, was the broom

I get the feeling my hysterical fit of the giggles didn’t help much

To her credit, Rei-chan somehow managed to keep up an air of righteous
indignation as far as the next room, which, much to our mutual relief,
was empty. We both practically collapsed inside, gasping for breath.

“Rei-chan… what wa–?”

Before I’d even gotten the question halfway out of my mouth, she spun
round and pinned me against the door, forcing me into a kiss that made
my whole body tremble. I grabbed desperately at the warm fabric of her
dress as her tongue brushed across my lips, moaning longingly.

With an obvious effort, she pushed herself away, staring into my eyes
with a look that seemed to set my skin on fire.

“Usagi” she hissed, “you little tease…”

One hand slid delicately down my back, making me arch myself towards

“Mmm…” I struggled to speak. “Rei-chan… please…”

“Hmm?” She trailed her hand around my waist, moving up to cup my breast firmly. “What was that?”

“Please…” I struggled weakly against her, my breath caught in my

She leant down, pushing me into a bruising kiss, flicking at my nipple
with a fingertip as I practically screamed her name. Her tongue danced
in my mouth as she pulled herself closer against me, her other hand
wrenching the zip open down my back.

Her nails left burning tracks across my back as she pulled the dress
down around me, biting hungrily at my throat. I gasped wordlessly,
slipping shivering hands up her legs, purple silk parting around them,
making my skin tingle. Her skin was burning hot beneath my fingers as
they ran higher and higher, grabbing at the bare skin of her ass with a
pang of desire that made my knees weak.

She growled at me, cat-like, batting my hands away and flinging me back
against the cold wood of the door. My eyes flew open in shock, and then
I was hers again, one leg pressing between my thighs as she caressed my
ass and dragged me up into an overwhelming kiss. I could only writhe
helplessly against her, trying to wrap myself around her warmth, my body
singing with need as she slipped between my lips.

One hand ran sharply up my side, slipping beneath my bra and shoving it
roughly over my skin, her every breath driving me mad as she nipped and
kissed her way down my neck. Her lips, her fingers seemed to be
everywhere at once as she finally took my aching nipple between her
lips, biting it painfully as my body clenched endlessly around her,
screaming her name like a prayer.

When I could finally breathe again, I opened my eyes to find her smiling
down at me, cradling me in her arms as I shivered, my legs too weak to
hold me. One hand tangled in my hair, pulling my head back sharply into
a soft kiss that seemed to linger forever on my lips. I moaned quietly,
leaning after her as she pulled away.

“Oh no. You don’t get away that easily, Usagi-chan” she whispered,
pulling me across towards the bed.

“Lie down” she ordered. I did, the air and the sheets cold against my
damp skin.

Before I could move, she sat down above me, kneeling either side of my
chest and forcing my wrists back above my head. She leaned across me
for a moment, and I gasped to see her holding one of the pillowcases
stretched between her hands.

“Rei-chan… what–?”

Without waiting for me to finish, she grabbed hold of my wrists once
more, pressing them against the icy metal of the headboard and tying
them tightly. I writhed desperately, the feeling terrifying and almost
painfully exciting all at once, her dress brushing over my skin. She
leant down and kissed me softly, rolling my exposed nipple between her

“Now, what should I do with you?” she asked me, nipping at my earlobe
until I could barely manage to speak.


She began to slowly, tantalisingly kiss her way down my body, across my
face, lingering at my throat, leaving me bucking helplessly towards her
slighest touch, my skin burning hot beneath her. One hand toyed with my
bra, finally freeing my other breast, the nipple aching at her touch as
she slid her weight down to my waist. She held it between her fingers
for a moment, pulling it away until I almost cried out in pain, then
dragging her tongue across the tip, leaving me helpless with need.

I could barely manage to focus my eyes as she smiled at me again,
blowing cold then hot across my other breast, running her nail across
the nipple absently. I bucked against her once more, squeezing my legs
together as tightly as I could, desperate for her touch.

At that she slipped further away down the bed, pressing my legs apart
with her hands as she kissed her way across my stomach, running the tip
of her tongue around my belly-button. My skin quivered under her lips;
she was so close… I wanted so much to beg her, implore her to touch
me, but I couldn’t seem to breathe any more…

She ran her hands around my hips, dancing across the skin as she began
to unhook the tops of my stockings, tugging softly at the waistband of
my panties. The damp fabric clung deliciously to my skin as she slowly,
slowly pulled them down my legs, biting gently at the inside of my

Finally finished, she flung them away from the bed, lapping at the tips
of her fingers as she stared into my eyes. I strained weakly to lift my
head up as she knelt down before me, leaning lower and lower, her hot
breaths drifting over my skin like a thousand tiny kisses, and then
nothing, as she waited and waited and waited and…

Her tongue brushed across my lips and I screamed, writhing towards
her, my whole body shaking, freezing, melting at her touch.

She kissed me again, not giving me a moment’s respite, drawing purest
burning warmth from within me, until I was crying her name with every
breath… and still she continued, my eyes rolling back, screaming her
name, and I couldn’t breathe and I didn’t ever want to breathe again…

The next thing I remember is opening my eyes to find her lying alongside
me, my whole body drenched in sweat, my muscles aching deliciously. She smiled, kissing me lightly, and I tasted myself faintly on her lips. I
wriggled against her, glad to find my hands free, running them through
her tangled hair, making her sigh softly.

I leant in closer, and then, with a strength I didn’t even know I had, I
forced her down onto her back, trapping her between my legs as I ran my
tongue across her lips.

“Your turn.”


So, there you have it. I know I want him, but I need her, too…

I’m not too sure why I’m writing this to you… the gods know I really
shouldn’t be, but… perhaps it’ll help me make up my mind.

Still, on the bright side, I’ve got another date with Mamo-chan this
weekend, and Rei-chan’s having a sleepover on Wednesday. I think trying
to decide could turn out to be a lot of fun, ne?


Tsukino Usagi

I smiled quietly to myself at the thought, folding the letter slowly in
my hands. The wind whipped playfully across the bay, making one last
grab for it. It was out of luck tonight, though.

A small yowl startled me, and I looked down to find a young cat rubbing
itself around my ankles. I reached one hand down and rubbed its head

“You too, hey?”

It purred happily, pressing itself back against my fingers. Maybe not.

“Hey! Seiya! There you are. I’ve been looking all over for you!”

The voice made me jump, and I almost fell off the pier, the letter
fluttering away into the sunset.

“Taiki! Gods, don’t make me jump like that!”

He smiled at me, offering me a hand up.

“What the heck is it that you’re always doing out here anyway?”

I took his hand, following him away through the darkening streets.

“Oh, nothing. Just daydreaming…”