Chapters from Continued

Continued (Part 01)

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A new enemy threatens not only Noir, but Mirielle and Kirika’s friendship.

Continued (Part 02)

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Scene Six Kirika watched with veiled eyes as Mirielle staggered off with the other woman. No one who might have seen Kirika at that moment would have seen anything more than a young woman calmly loitering in the square. No sign of her feelings showed in her eyes or on her face. Perhaps she had […]

Continued (Part 03)

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Scene Eleven The morning light filtered softly into Mirielle’s room. She woke, feeling oddly complacent – a feeling which worried her immediately. There was no room here for relaxation or hesitation. At any moment a chance might present itself and she would have to be ready to act. As she stood and stretched, she wondered […]