Chapters from Enchante

Haruka is irresistible to women, and the Inner Senshi are no exception to the rule. (clicking this link is a legal affidavit that you are 18 years or older.)

Enchante’ : Prologue

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Notes and Disclaimers: This is a fanfic using the characters from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon entirely without permission of the principal parties and with very very immoral intent. Plausible? Not really. Fun? You betcha! What is to follow is inappropriate for minors and those of certain ideologies. Don’t make me come over there and hurt you […]

Enchante’: Vignette Une (Lavish Attention)

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 Michiru hesitated as she touched the door handle. Her arms were full of groceries, as were mine. Her eyes became unfocused, then just as quickly, returned to the present. “Michiru? What is it?” I moved closer to her. “Nothing.” She lowered her voice. “I thought I felt something, a presence…but there’s no sense of evil.” […]

Enchante’: Vignette Deux (Purification)

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Enchante’: Vignette Deux (Purification) I cursed the unnatural heat as I felt another sweat drop trickle down my back. It had seemed like such a good idea this morning to wear my motorcycle leathers. The feel and smell of the leather, the roar of the wind, even the weight of the helmet, free me from […]

Enchante’ : Vignette Trois (Virtuoso)

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The doorbell rang. This was an unusual occurrence. Few people knew where we lived, and of them, few visited. We went out of our way to remain anonymous, to be honest. Neither of us had a desire to have what is amusingly referred to as a “social life.” Michiru and I are both private people, […]

Enchante’ : Vignette Quatre (Gentle Persuasion)

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I arrived at the Athletic Complex exceptionally early that morning. I’m a light sleeper at the best of times and often find myself restless in the early hours. Mostly I get up and run, or ride my bike to clear my head when I’m sleeping poorly. This morning I decided to get in a more […]

Enchante’ : Vignette Cinq (Requital)

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The rain pounded at the windows, making the multi-million dollar tower thrum like a large percussion instrument. I sat in the kitchen, watching my tea grow cold and listening to music, allowing a soft melancholy wash over me. Gustav Mahler’s Lied von der Erde played on the stereo, fueling the darkness within me, reaching in […]