Chapters from Red Senshi Diaries

A while back, Showtime, the cable network, had a really smarmy series called Red Shoe Diaries, about letters women wrote to some guy, (who later became David Duchovny. *g*)  Here’s The Fanfic Revolution’sinterpretation of that show, as it might be written if the Senshi starred.

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Red Senshi Diaries: The Prologue

Written By | Series: Sailor Moon | Part of

Copyright: N.T., Toei, Kodansha, we’re just havin’ a little fun…. Visit the Fanfic Revolution for more hentai that doesn’t suck! Bishoujou Senshi Sailor Moon : Red Senshi Diaries by Adam Jones Prologue ——– Dear Red, I’ve got a problem. It’s kind of hard to explain, but… Well, there’s this guy, you see… gods, I didn’t think anyone was […]

Red Senshi Diaries: Seduction

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I guess there were a lot of things about her that drew me to her. I mean, anyone could tell she was lonely. And…ok, I’m blushing as I write this…I admit it! She was a challenge! I mean, how do you seduce somebody that knows about everything before it even happens? She was always so […]

Red Senshi Diaries: The Next Chapter

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Notes and Disclaimers: The characters are owned and copyrighted by NT/Toei/Kodansha and are not mine. But if they aren’t prosecuting for some of my other stories, then I’m not really worried about this one. In keeping with my self-appointed title as the Queen of the Derivative, this is a sequel to Red Senshi Diaries written by Adam Jones […]